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RT @marissa_megan6: Hey I think that's me on the left 😂 https://t.co/Oyb1GLgbbD
RT @_hannahbanana14: YES. THIS. But also then it's weird to be like "hey I noticed we're the same" but also FRIENDSHIP. https://t.co/T16VXVSwxV
@NakedWardrobe hey I ordered some stuff over a week ago i didn't receive anything, why doest it take so long to ship it??
RT @LILBTHEBASEDGOD: Hey I love you!!! How are you doing today?? DM ME if you want to talk about anything because u are not alone! You have fam ! Love - Lil B
@Manga_Kamen Hey, I'm a new commentator and was wondering if you had any Pokemon commentary material to work with I could work with?
RT @Heejin_kr: Hey, I'm Tiffany. This is a new account for LOOΠΔ's Jeon Heejin. I'll make sure to update new pics of LOONA/heejin.… https://t.co/hkSJ7yLssC
Did @PressSec thought "Hey I'm going to get the most important communication job in the world and tell bald-faced lies!" when he was a kid.
Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://t.co/9mptL1QbJV https://t.co/D48rgORwZ9
@Jack_Septic_Eye hey I love your vids u r amazing
@therealjacksepticeye hey I want to apologize for jumping down on you trying to make you notice me. It was immature. So sorry.
hey i'm home! what'd i miss
hey I love my best friend she's LITERALLY a queen everyone bow down to Luna Margarita Taylor
Hey I'm so excited to be receiving my @ipsy bag!!! https://t.co/T05ILRRDOj
@Reachout_mcd hey, I just came in to one of your restaurants and had a great experience. Just wanted to let you know. Love you 😘
@OhHiBabyy hey i want all the effects
RT @nvbilia: "Hey I just called to tell you I love you in case I die in Athens tonight. All right I'll text you later. Love you. Bye."
@TonyinOKC hey I watched "Hell or High Water" last night and thought you would really like it if you haven't seen it yet
@YoursTrulyJake hey I do, fellow ravenclaws gotta stick together 💙💛if you need to talk about it, my dms are open ✨