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RT @himitsu_no_koto: Hey~ I made a MysMe Amino account! (⌒▽⌒) I'm so lost tho anyway I'm gonna test out this new sketchpad with this Ze… https://t.co/pjTY7uB83F
RT @0u0_lso: 有「Hey! Say! JUMPになってからも、俺たちの関係性は変わってないよね〜。」 伊「ナルトとサスケ!」 有「マンガのキャラか!まぁお調子者としっかり者のコンビっていう感じなのかな」 お調子者→伊野尾くん しっかり者→有岡くんという秒で伝わるキャラ設定
RT @XoBabyDollXo: That didn't have much of an effect I was hoping for but hey at least he was having fun with it #BBCAN5
RT @TECHNOlR: Netflix's death note: hey I'm brad yagami, just your average highschool student with a not so average deadly secret [the icarly theme plays]
RT @Yama509mika: てか今ずっとYes聞いてる😍💕💕 この気持ち分かる人には分かる! #RTしたとびっ子さん全員フォロー #とびっ子さんスルー禁止 #髙木雄也 #八乙女光 #山田涼介 #Hey! Say! JUMP #とびっこさんと繋がりたい… https://t.co/Jk1kZSD6jA
RT @allicatttx: hey dude if you're reading this & u have glasses and u were wearing a blue suit @ the power rangers premiere pls love me
me: for once i just want someone on the show to care for my son bellamy blake and be proud of him kane: hey me: ... me: FOR ONCE I JUST WANT
RT @must_bri_me: Beyoncé: Let me hear you say "Hey Ms. Carter" Me: HEEEEEEEEEYYYY MS. CAAARRRRRRRTTTTTEEEEERRRRR https://t.co/AIRBFqGtBE
RT @BlogDemystified: Hey, We are launched officially. Thanks for your support and care.! https://t.co/ClNhPJE4sb https://t.co/nQadCAKK15
@deal_lauren but hey offer still stands if anyone needs or wants a ride to Pullman just throw like $20 and I'll drive you there
when you lag on your boo and hit em w that "hey big head" https://t.co/trAw6N9sb0
me: hey remember that flash assignment due now and stats exam next week me: watch lord of the rings
RT @AceSyika_: Hey girls! Come by Tanjong Pagar Centre Sasa Pop Up store. Buy anything and you can get free eyebrow and make up se… https://t.co/gUKBGeeXb3
RT @cIoudsstrife: Hey everyone! If you see the Death Note life action trailer from Netflix. Consider watching these instead! https://t.co/inwtCmcECR
RT @FemaleTexts: Lizzie McGuire: Hey nowwww Me: HEY NOWWWWWWWWW https://t.co/VdGQRxi2OM