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@natashatansey7 hey there! it was lovely meeting you at the nomadic press space yesterday, thx for hosting me. see you around soon I hope!
@beothebunny like "hey this book is about ace/alice, bUT BOI WATCH OUT HERE COMES SOME ACE/JULIUS AND GRAY/ALICE"!!!
that's your parents spoiling you, but hey must be nice 🙂
@therealcliffyb friends went for LL & other stuff (about 15-20ppl), we coordinated everything here. "Hey, going for ramen at (famous place)
RT @louisistheking: @benwinston @GabeTurner73 hey can we get the mcdonalds footage too and maybe that extra 900 hours of this is us release it all, ben
RT @punishment: "hey pandora listener" HEY BITCH, PUT MY 2000s R&B BACK ON
Hey! @ForzaCorrado let's get a look in on Bryan Colangelo and the #Sixers front office.... https://t.co/cWF5wmTF0Y
Hey, you could be a kings fan. https://t.co/CbdlW1sray
@CieraMurrray hey maybe they're shy!!! (Aka me)
RT @DCXblade: @shellyshortlegs @TrueUltigamers hey girl what's happening this is DCXblade here and giving you a ShoutOut saying welcome 2 the XbladeCorps
@washingtonpost Hey can you Educate us on why it is you think it should be Rollback? oh not your job? my bad... it looked promising..
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RT @Shockedmeme: Friend: *pulls out new pack of gum* Me: Hey, can I have a piece? Friend: Sorry, last piece Me: https://t.co/CFiwLEBbkE
RT @solar_better: Hey @armanwalker - Want to more know about solar energy? Visit our equity #crowdfunding campaign at https://t.co/8IvIkEe1hd
Every now and then, I catch myself saying "this year is what last year should have been". But hey, that means things are getting better. :D
RT @kscoops: hey everybody look at my impossibly adorable niece https://t.co/toz7XVZNQr
@fattysanashaikh Hey👐🏻 Fatima! This is a small letter 📝for u from me. I Hope that you read it. #girlcrush😍 Your Fa… https://t.co/tV3hJfiMKN
La marihuana me da tanta hambre :( esto no es bueno
RT @MAKI_tokyoJapaN: 【ジェジュン V LIVE】昨日ガイシのMCで、ジェジュンが"Hey!Say!7と友達だ"って発言したことに、V LIVE中ファンから「(仲いいメンバーは)山田くんじゃない?」とコメントされて答える場面です。(22日 Vlive/… https://t.co/zlUGvKBKv9
@Hackneymummy hey, I'm restocking @hackneyfresh tomorrow morning!