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RT @Courtney_Fay_M: Hey Twitter Pals! 🥰💖 Excited to get the new semester started!!! 🌟🌟🌟 I'm working on a Game for my Game Art class, an… https://t.co/ynoTDxF42g
@itsken2_0 @ProveMe_Wrong Girl me too but hey at least your whole life doesn’t get threatened
RT @shaymitch: Hey so ummm are @bretmanrock and I doing this whole ASMR mukbang thing right or???? 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ FULL video up now on… https://t.co/oXtp9xSXSe
RT @TheKeyshaMilana: Top @souljaboy songs: 1. Donk 2. Gucci Bandana 3. Kiss Me Through The Phone 4. Soulja Girl 5. Marco Polo 6. POW 7.… https://t.co/rnVTWeGqyi
RT @TrumpsWolf10: @RNcat50 @Twitter @GOP @GOPLeader @realDonaldTrump Hey @tedlieu does this qualify as a selfie also🤔 #Pedovore https://t.co/oohVDy339Q
RT @smiling_kaiju: Gillette: Hey men, don't be violent, toxic messes and be the best version of yourself for the betterment of society… https://t.co/MgLGhnoSnp
RT @lisastark351: @RepMikeTurner Hey mike 👋🏼. No one wants an open border, even Nancy Pelosi. It is painfully obvious a strong, smart… https://t.co/VGNHqLQ07v
RT @FreddyNYC14: Hey Nancy Pelosi since you have no where to go. Would you like to use my Netflix password for the weekend? 😂 You mu… https://t.co/Plbueo0sBn
RT @britt_kanyee: me: hey wha- Texas Roadhouse employee: https://t.co/5FhHrUg0zD
RT @namtiddies: joon: hey guys sorry for being inactive :( i was in jail for two years for beating up a guy who thought being class… https://t.co/AjEUT73jsF
RT @My_PJM95: HEY ARMY!!! Que tal a gente mencionar os meninos um pouquinho?! Se você ver esse tweet na sua tl, pf ajude a subi… https://t.co/u1VBSashYa
RT @nocamos: Hey paisa Twitter. I present to you, my talented music friends lmao RT if you agree! Paisa Twitter you know what to… https://t.co/yVriWYUBXO
RT @ScarlettRose69X: Hey guys... I’ve been quiet last couple days as I’ve been at interview after interview... all went well and hopeful… https://t.co/SntALDDJAA
RT @RhonieSays: Hey folks! Here’s the radio show Glimpses of the Kingdom from today the topic was Who or What is our Strength. https://t.co/psXYTyIha3
RT @arym_0304: これがHey! Say! JUMPのセンターなんすよ...可愛くない???? https://t.co/cT7q34FFBP
@SuperArcadeFtbl Hey guys, just bought the game. Will there be any updates soon?
RT @christianllamar: Hey Nancy looks like you’ll need to make other arrangements. DONT EVER plan public relations trips on our dollar e… https://t.co/p6zHxs7916