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RT @AmazingPhil: @danielhowell hey I think we need some more ribena https://t.co/ec7BHVZsWn
RT @AngrierWHStaff: Hey @realDonaldTrump not only did @BarackObama call, he went to welcome the fallen home at Dover. Rush Limbaugh bl… https://t.co/SIpsTmmFOe
RT @gonzjas13: “hey boo” first of all, you didnt scare me
Hey, @XRxd_BallxxnX ¿Todo bien? Te veo un poco alterado.
RT @quenblackwell: “hey bighead” first of all..don’t address me by one of my insecurities.
@katyperry Hey, what's happening to your leg right now?
HEY!吐き出せ REAL INTENTION 間違いでも良いんだよ 強い腕で連れ出して 使い古された クサい愛の台詞なんて 胸に染みもしないよ そんなじゃ何も変わんないぜ SHAKE ME NOW? 『beast』カヨコ
Hey @amazon, if you come to #Birdingham, you can add Brown-headed Nuthatches to your life list. #notfoundinseattlehttps://t.co/7bGRGVCmqb
@British_Airways Hey folks, I want to upgrade my wife on BA12 on Nov2 w/ Avios or cash, but the site won’t allow either. Can you help?
@longenhagen hey I'm not your uncle
RT @nwalestweetsuk: Hey @chesterhour we have a #northwalestweets tweetup 26th Oct in #Llandudno next week, join us at @NorthWalesHonda… https://t.co/LghwtbUCe8
RT @AylinNazliaka: Hey gidi günler... https://t.co/fKHPKC0Rl2
@revenlear @Wald_Mensch_ Bei mir sehen die legit genau gleich aus aber hey ich hab ja auch kein Physik
Hey @pandoramusic how about you hook me up with a premium account so I can ditch the commercials? https://t.co/vsWBVVvvNU
RT @ChickieVintage: Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://t.co/CqEY5rCxLH
@liebigalex @TheEllenShow Hey thanks 😄
@BasRuttenMMA @HoltMcCallany Loved the shotgun scene at beginning. hey If someone schizophrenic is threatening suic… https://t.co/QU4Hknct1y
@Annitajoe1 @Mish_BossLady Hey Njambi 😂
Hey @AntStiller @PondSoftware @tonysavon @zedbeeblebrox @TheyWereOurGods DM me your postal address guys 4 a Galencia Xmas Card ;)
RT @pixelhans: Hey I'm pixelhans! I like pixels and vectors and cute stuff and pink! #pixelart #artistsontwitter #gamedev https://t.co/lQ5FX0sK05
@thespartan_game Hey Andy. If you are still seeing that message on your screen, try on a different browser.
Hey @mitchgrassi @scotthoying @scotthoying hey hey https://t.co/ZQSFW1l4YD
RT @uguronal72: Hey Gidi Günler Hey Savaştan çıkmış karnı aç baldırı çıplak halka zorla yahudi şapkası giydirip buna devrim dediler. https://t.co/GFs3ONOSd5