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@court_hewitt tag someone who has no friends but high school freshman
@Markmcafee19 @KevinNR Is Hugh Hewitt saying Trump will win? (He blocked me!). At the Talkers conference in May he said he'd get crushed!!
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/s2TOuEakDr "Summertime", Part 1, The Modern Sound of Modal Jazz, Piano Tutorial
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/iK0TydCgEt (Super) Cool Chords, Altered Dominant Chords, in Diminished Pattern.
Jennifer Love Hewitt - Can I Go Now https://t.co/2Ih3Assb0o via @YouTube
@CahnEmily @hughhewitt @HillaryClinton - Hewitt, AM radio talk hack D level wannabe. Non existent in 70s 80s real radio. Fuck off Hugh
@KevinNR @Zigmanfreud Hugh Hewitt is turning in to Dick Morris right in front of our eyes.
RT @SunflowerSoul71: @kurteichenwald @RiskyLiberal @donlemon @CNN Saw it. Good job Kurt! First time I have seen Hugh Hewitt shut down!
RT @iiBreakNecks: i watched this about 37 times in a row and cried everytime https://t.co/NiFrqfY1zl