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RT @lovinglychar: RT for a CHANCE for getting a vm from any of the boys •seeing them around October 25th •mbf (@sadnessavery) •notifs… https://t.co/DmY38RTCdv
RT @C0SMICHERRON: @TODDLERHERRON zach herron touched my hair again today and she says she
RT @FallonTonight: It's official: @BTS_twt will be stopping by next Tuesday, 9/25! Don't miss it! #BTSonFallon https://t.co/vlLg8YBdzA
RT @GMA: NEXT WEDNESDAY ON @GMA: Global superstars @BTS_twt performs LIVE in Times Square! Be part of the #GMAIdolChallenge… https://t.co/pIwnRRT50y
RT @CriddleBenjamin: “This place is different, there's no doubt. But it's a good different. In high school, I wasn't that cat who went o… https://t.co/5QsN6BoKos
Another bonus episode! Q&A with Avalon Herron (the voice of Dax) is now available. Click the link in the bio for w… https://t.co/Vx908HRXnM
RT @bessonsmars: since i got limelight for atl & orlando rt for the chance to win a vm from one of the boys -mbf -reply with which b… https://t.co/AnTwHZrPC9
https://t.co/GiB5ps8lNu Juanita Herron with the Marion County Extension Office makes Tailgate Caviar on Channel Six… https://t.co/T8v5SEoQcV
Watching Mr. Herron teach about slope. He knows how to speak these kiddos language!! @MrHerronGHS https://t.co/IB6g28PUUu
@MarcPDumont I recall Darcy Tucker cheap shotting and injuring Mike Peca with a low hit in the playoffs. Man I desp… https://t.co/1omWB8gwvw
@Johnny_Herron I don't think he's related to Mike, but yeah, he was as strong as they come considering his size.
RT @SJSchauer: *HGTV* Host: what do you guys do? Husband: I stare at birds Wife: I also stare at birds Host: what's your budget?… https://t.co/thop0y4O7N
RT @S_e_jackson: some random person: it’s only septem... me: https://t.co/cOm5dvi7br
RT @katmiriamxo: Y’all doing everything but making stricter gun laws https://t.co/KrPmVXo7Lm
@MarcPDumont Does he hit like his did? Is Mike Peca his dad? Mike wasn't big, but boy could he rock people with ope… https://t.co/aGAXvHL4ib
ew why do i miss zach herron so much
RT @CjayyTaughtHer: WELL GOD DAMNIT JIMMY HOW THE HELL ARE YA” https://t.co/glB6LPOnEo
RT @DelCoPreps: DC Honor Roll Delta gets big nights from Mayzie Hinkle (17 kills), Ainzli Grismore kills (15 kills), Sami Herron (… https://t.co/xewLYIKoMd
RT @ItsKyllle: *someone drives the speed limit and is being a responsible driver* me: OHHHHMMMMYYYYYFUUUCCCKIIINNNNGODDDDD GOOOOOO!!!
RT @Marco_Romo: O-O-O 🤚 😣/ _/|| _/¯ ¯\_ O’Reilly 👋 \ 😩 || \_ _/¯ ¯\_ Auto Parts… https://t.co/6pHBPrtkdQ
RT @702Austin: when your moms explaining to the family all your bad choices and your just standing there like : https://t.co/RX4OI7JeR6