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I love how Brennen NEVER used the title of “president” when he was talking about the traitor, tRUmp.
1 bedroom property to rent - Herrick Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 2BT #loughborough #property - https://t.co/M1ok1zx5au
RT @GBT_news: $GBT Vice President, Dr. Ken Bridges, is speaking today on voxelotor as a potential treatment for #sicklecell at… https://t.co/vkjUZCxZVW
I'm going to Mitch Herrick at C.W.S. Bar + Kitchen- with Jeff Renza, Alaina Reed & Bet Rubinelli in Lake... https://t.co/yI4y5Mnhqj
I'm going to Mitch Herrick at The Dubliner - with Jeff Renza, Alaina Reed & Nick Gordon in Boca Raton, ... https://t.co/WDUeXIUVgy
I'm going to Mitch Herrick at JB's on the Beach - with Jeff Renza, Beto Rubinelli & Alaina Reed in Deerf... https://t.co/oylKYX4wz0
🇺🇸💪🗣️👏👏👏👏 https://t.co/ykLFC7HJAw
I'm going to Mitch Herrick at JB's on the Beach - with Nick Gordon, Jeff Renza & Alaina Reed in Deerfiel... https://t.co/AtzwcWffGm
Not to his face and not on TV. Cowards. #VoteThemAllOut https://t.co/W1O9LU947z
I need to figure out the communication break down between I am keeping my hair long, please trim and fix the long l… https://t.co/DAiRG1xfTO
When a foul ball is hit at a baseball game...the people that sit behind the net and yell “I got it” or put their ha… https://t.co/m0QsW8suw1
@Jringo1508 I need more herzer herrick
Looks like we've got a few criminal acts on this guy in this video alone. White guys look so ugly when they act li… https://t.co/R0IAA6AJ0u
TOTALLY AGREE @MSNBC @maddow @CNNPolitics #NeverBernie No such thing as a Socialist Democrat. https://t.co/Gh9x9iSvMW
RT @edutopia: NEW 60-Second Strategy: Build community in the classroom with "Appreciation, Apology, Aha!" https://t.co/l5dqifw2XG
Thank you @JohnBrennan for past service, your present service and for the service you will no doubt continue in our… https://t.co/hKdkOZBHue
RT @K_JeanPierre: .@SpeakerRyan it’s time for congress to be a check on this administration. Wait, why even bother asking you to do y… https://t.co/Fhq6YPMTte
RT @SylviaEarle: For the first - and maybe the last - time in history, we have a chance to make peace with the ocean and the rest of… https://t.co/EzMLw842z5
@SouzaJr I post on social media about how amazing my son is...does that count? I do so because he makes me so proud… https://t.co/IZoL8gOqpw
@LTUTechRec Where is Assistant Athletic Director Andrew Herrick?!?!
@DebraLBrown6 @MarkWarner @herrick_a I’ll bet the Russian isn’t a Communist like Brennan.
RT @shanselman: Today @LadyNaggaga chatted me to see if I’d did something I was supposed to do. Then she (somewhat jokingly) apolog… https://t.co/sMjw3ZdSbr