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I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/3rcqk68LFm Greg Herrick's Hangar Tour - Golden Wings Flying Museum
RT @AynRandPaulRyan: Fox News anchors gush over Kanye West's performance at the WH. As recently as 2017, Fox News anchors thought havin… https://t.co/gf4yFIAfwc
RT @battletested5: When FEMA fucked over Puerto Rico, most of MSM was silent because it was brown people..but now you have survivors f… https://t.co/e39LGJVZrF
@RawStory As long as he was useful the money rolled https://t.co/cnooAOwszu that he is not,he becomes a goat,the po… https://t.co/j1JS0gpOXF
RT @RawStory: GOP yanks funding for 'Putin's favorite congressman' Rohrabachr as campaign collapses https://t.co/R6LUW0IqyR
RT @thomaskaine5: does anyone know anything about these accounts that start NCP with a bunch a numbers after it...they say they are resistors?
RT @DaveyDennison: @thomaskaine5 i think its NPC, which is an acronym for some new right wing group. The double meaning is the "NPC"… https://t.co/Kftyf82fyO
RT @KeithWillWynne: @DaveyDennison @thomaskaine5 NPC’s are “non-player characters” from video games. They’re saying that everyone who… https://t.co/T31Te6uB7R
RT @barbtail0: @MistySkye @thomaskaine5 @MicheleScott12 "A resistor is a passive two-terminal electrical component that implement… https://t.co/Pct7Sy8zr5
RT @DaveyDennison: @KeithWillWynne @thomaskaine5 Yeah, one of their more ironic dehumanization attempts.
@AntoineBrion @herrick_a @CNN @pamwallace Way to read and try to understand with zero context. Good job.
RT @camillayakteen: Lovely Finish, a San Luis Rey fire survivor, rewarded her connections with a 3rd place finish in R7 @santaanitapark… https://t.co/eS1AabgtLD
RT @SenFeinstein: If the government of Saudi Arabia is found to be complicit, the U.S. must halt all arms sales and end our support f… https://t.co/eLWrkrABNV
RT @B52Malmet: Heil. This is happening at Donald’s rallies. A very serious Hitler play. I am chilled to the bone. https://t.co/FgGXKmdV9D
@Comey @noupsell These special men and women will be serving their country long after the memory of the worst Ameri… https://t.co/MI8SFa3xT8
@alaskawater Hi Janice.Nice to meet you.
@SRuhle @blueIndycat Holy Freedom Caucus, Batman,this doesn't look like Truth,Justice,or The American… https://t.co/riKNEW7zCf
RT @SRuhle: This is going to need a bit more attention.... https://t.co/AonVyCCdDh