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RT @ManUtdChannel: Man Utd's last 5 games without Ander Herrera: 0-4 Everton 0-3 Barcelona 2-1 West Ham 0-2 Barcelona 0-2 Arsenal Ma… https://t.co/mSRazHov75
@MkhMB Herrera Verratti Gana Paredes c’est déjà pas mal non ?
Unpopular Opinion: We really need Ander Herrera back in this team and to stay at this club
RT @IndirectasRock: Wacho que bronca cuando se rumorea algo de vos que nada que ver, osea de dónde mierda salió eso???
@PielCardenal Como carajo iba a jugar si sanguijuelas no ponía a los juveniles, excepto Herrera, que lo sacrificaba… https://t.co/WWSkOwDsgv
@ggaretier 8 défaites juste au moment ou rashford,de gea , pogba , herrera veulent un nouveau contrat ....
@_UtdJL It is time to apologise to Herrera!! That man missing from this squad is a shame!
Young Jones Mata Matic Lukaku Pogba Herrera Sanchez All to go and brings in circa 250 million. Promote Chong Gree… https://t.co/m5cRIv91nm
Mass clear out needed in the summer. Pogba, Martial, Sanchez, Mata, Jones, Smalling, Herrera, Young and Lukaku, Mat… https://t.co/XTOmMhN77y
Se os teus olhos não refletem mais o nosso amor E a saudade me seguir pra sempre aonde eu for Fica claro que tentei… https://t.co/Splx85NGkl
Pemain sisa yang masih layak di MU: -De Gea -Lindelof -Herrera -Rashford -Martial -Scott -Shaw -Romero -Dalot -Bai… https://t.co/vv498NTFFp
RT @mauricoccolo: Guido Herrera, el héroe 100 partidos en Talleres 46 con la valla invicta 44 triunfos 27 empates 29 derrotas 701' ar… https://t.co/sR59SfxdDj
RT @ManUtdChannel: Ander Herrera puts in his best effort every time he plays and leads the team by example. He takes criticism well &… https://t.co/pGjbdkpleH
@MainManOle De Gea is past his best and is asking for £400,000, Herrera leaving is a good thing and Without Pogba w… https://t.co/YXRqdGmjkH
@William_Laerke Enig. Men altså skal de ud og hente 8 spillere til start 11 eller hvordan ser du det? Herrera ryger… https://t.co/PQlsG3wvBr
Sammy am surprised at ur views of ManU coach..... First the midfield is broken because of Herrera absence. He was t… https://t.co/IwHHTYjkK4
RT @G_Aztecas: [PORTUGAL 🇵🇹] Primeira Liga: Héctor Herrera fue titular y jugó todo el encuentro, mientras que Jesús Corona ingresó… https://t.co/DiToYr6Rxe
RT @utdarena: Since Solskjær came in: Fellaini has left, Valencia is leaving, Young looks to have been dropped from the squad af… https://t.co/AbIlPObFMo
@itsrealclintona @LiamPaulCanning OGS playing Alexis, Matic, Young, Smalling, Jones whenever they are available is… https://t.co/XyeBwYrMtD
@Jake_Moreton @MUnitedGirl @ManUtd didnt say the players aren’t at fault , but look at the real Problem. Woodward g… https://t.co/2oH23hYlrC