Here We Go Again

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Here we go again. ATT and TIME WARNER merger. Wonder what could go wrong with that, doah..........
RT @vikki4mdnp: oh we go again ...first seen campaigning for #IN now heathrow
Here we go again
RT @whoissizzIe: here we go ... again again and again ... women always pushing the limits smh
RT @ArianaGrande: here we go again.... Sure I'm not the only 1 feeling this way today!! in case you need a reminder, you're beautiful🌬
@TalkmobileUK Here we go again, the same repeat message, very amusing.
here we go again having a full convo about a song 😂 lemme get off twitter before Kaleb say sum 💀
Swallowing all my words. Coz here we go again for the third time.
RT @BarnOwlCentre: Here we go again, another sad Barn Owl in a Pet Shop!! Lets see if Falconry Centres & Zoos do anything about this!…
Here we go again. Tss
And here we go again, I’m starting on my own 26 years AND HALF OF ONE And I’m standing all alone #JamesBlunt
Here we go again (@ Edificio Plaza Sto. Domingo in Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region)
RT @cIits: me: *starts crying* me @ me: "here we go again with ur fukin cry baby ass"
acordar cedo pra fazer exame de sangue.... here we go again
Here we go again. 😝
Here we go again 😑
here we go again
here we go again. dudes smellin like drug dealers @ 6:50 in the am 🤒give it a break bro, ain't u just wake up like 20 minutes ago?
Here we go again.
RT @EntheosShines: Here we go again.....#GeorgeSoros owned voter machines in #Illinois caught auto-switching all votes to Democrats