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RT @aroseblush: 😡  Here we go again. Budget becomes part of Tax Reform (TaxCuts). Huge cuts to MEDICARE & MEDICAID. HUGE. Call Con…
Here we go again.A mild 12-hour Twitter censoring 4 telling libs how foul they r.Guess I'm doing right if these Twattwer libturds"ground"me.
Here we go again... #SipagKo
RT @XavierDLeau: "hot damn, ho. here we go again."
Here we go again #Longford...Top tips on how to stay safe ahead of #StormBrian
RT @NthobaTumelo: here we go again
@piersmorgan Here we go again with the my great nephew’s friend knew someone who was in the army once excuse
13. I love?? Fae stories?? Whenever I pick up a fae book I'm like smh here we go again BUT I LOVE IT I NEVER GET TIRED OF IT
@CNNnewsroom Here we go again. CNN just added one more to their long list of reasons why to impeach POTUS.
@ishathaali Cuz I know I am addicted to your drama, and baby here we go again.
RT @socialitesph: Here we go again!! Let's tweet & chill for a bit 🗣 I'll follow back later promise 💋
i messed up on accident here we go again
RT @the_TechShop: @site5 Here we go again. Same #webhosting problem every month. @hostinghell #KeepItSimple @site5support
🤔 here we go again
Here we go again. Really? @Nivea needs urgent #cultural intelligence at the table! #badidea #ignorance #insulting
@lottieApp @ScarlAnderson @riaacrooks Here we go again Angela Vasquez. Wasn't saying out then tho were ye
RT @XavierDLeau: "hot damn, ho. here we go again."
here we go again
RT @chooselovetoday: A Truth Community #Poll, Please RT often #TheTruthCommunity Ok, The Truth Community, here we go again. What is the SHAPE of the Earth?
Favourite Demi album — don’t forget or here we go again