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@rac212 If you’ve never heard the one from the 7/12/06 show at the Henry Fonda theater in LA, I’d highly suggest pe… https://t.co/cYTfbp1Lgn
I always think about that henry fonda quote saying he's always been in love with barbara and his wife knew https://t.co/w1m0x65SZu
@MedvedevRussiaE Richard Altoria in Zell am See. Richard. Mel Ferrer. krieg und Frieden. I love Henry Fonda und nic… https://t.co/Y2EUOphbnq
@DougieMellon Needs to be the original 12 angry men with Henry Fonda
henry fonda just showed up. he’s in charge. told john wayne what to do. he doesn’t like indecision
Nieuw op https://t.co/WbZxxdCkdl Terence Hill & Henry Fonda - My Name is Nobody (85) https://t.co/I98CT61Lv1 Meer… https://t.co/6b0oU909Kx
firstly erwin rommel looks nothing like james mason, just like general patton looked nothing like george c. scott &… https://t.co/MUMJLgLxMZ
Henry Fonda and Barbara Bel Geddes in The Long Night  (Anatole Litvak, 1947), production photo by Alexander Kahle https://t.co/dTflW7XYXI
Elliott Smith Concert - Henry Fonda Theater - Jan 31, 2003 - If you want to see how a true singer... https://t.co/VLfFhC7DTD
@ceAnAit34 -en serio! -en serie? -Henry? -Fonda? -No. Ford
henry fonda perfeito d+ 🤧🤧🤧🤧
EL ESCUADRÓN DE LA MUERTE (La2, 12.25h) contiene seguramente el rol más memorable de Broderick Crawford en el eurow… https://t.co/IlGKiuodr4
The priest was played by playwright Marc Connolly who wrote Henry Fonda's breakout hit on Broadway, The Farmer Take… https://t.co/l25ssCGqo7
@worldwise001 Yes! With Henry Fonda. So good...
Hasta que llegó su hora (1968) Director: Sergio Leone Reparto: Claudia Cardinale, Charles Bronson, Henry Fonda, G… https://t.co/9xaFbnaqzn
@crushsong @witchyhellbroth omg you were born in Nebraska right? I was too :) you, me and Henry Fonda. :)
@Copaxatl @ThePlaylist Henry Fonda’s best Western he plays a bad guy... but it’s not directed by Leone....
@GTA_Redhead @VFL_70 @GoVols1914 @TennesseeDonkey I just watched The Big Street w her and Henry Fonda...😭😭😭😭
Hace unos 10 años tenía pendiente ver Las uvas de la ira. - el cine es ver a Henry Fonda caminar. - quizá Darryl Hi… https://t.co/bH3iQaKQ0v
@nickdiener @jonodiener @bigcityzero I don’t think there’s a man in here who wouldn’t want to pick blueberries with Henry Fonda.
@va_cc11 I pick Jesse James book in Hawaii and have read it multiple times. The movie thrilled me. My choice is Som… https://t.co/teJzWVlCUF
RT @cinemAnni: January 14 80TH ANNIVERSARY JESSE JAMES by Henry King Stars: Tyrone Power, Henry Fonda, Nancy Kelly, Randolph Sc… https://t.co/EAvm0kqi1U
RT @abstroIogy: TAURUS Old Hollywood: Shirley Temple • Fred Astaire • Bettie Page • Bing Crosby • Audrey Hepburn • Henry Fonda • Gary Cooper • Sandra Dee