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#MySoulmateIsProbably dead and or thinks he will be a bachelor his entire life because he has not met me yet. AND h… https://t.co/PPeHQBK9Sq
RT @DionNissenbaum: Breaking: The Trump administration officially notified US lawmakers that it plans to circumvent normal congressiona… https://t.co/e8XtqUpCLF
Next up: 5/25 in Peterborough NH: Tracy Grammer with Jim Henry https://t.co/1hNlwmYXRy #lovetouring #duopower #acoustic #folk #americana
RT @washingtonpost: A mail carrier in Georgia retired. Strangers across Twitter celebrated - and they’re sending him to Hawaii. https://t.co/CsLYd1Hs5M
RT @BuzzFeed: Henry Lau sits down to tell us all about his firsts, from the first song he ever wrote, to his first celebrity crus… https://t.co/tR2VD3tnPw
the relevance of oil to the regional and international relations of Middle Eastern states https://t.co/Xuxxxhf4Yt
RT @KatiaAfiel_: “Mas você odeia fulana, né?” então amiga, eu odeio não ter dinheiro. Pra fulana eu não tô nem aí.
@LeonKrauze Leoncio insultas la inteligencia de la gente al intentar disfrazar con “críticas hacia el @EPN” lo paga… https://t.co/A8vBwGPCEV
RT @Editor_ANS: If I must say, the only player that has impressed me in this game, given the opposition is Henry Offia. They may gi… https://t.co/8Zu99J5gIw
RT @MarcasBamman: Powerful stuff! Cardiorespiratory fitness and incident lung and colorectal cancer in men and women: Results from th… https://t.co/65TGw0Todk
RT @David__Zeelux: If your boyfriend can argue with a Keke driver over 10 naira in your presence, my dear just know that you're in a serious relationship.
@Proximocoal Thanks :) not sure on your keys but the rest I have covered.
RT @its_lecks: i just wanna be successful.
RT @bernstephane: Tournage de @secretshistoire pour @France2tv @Francetele au château de @hevercastle dans le @VisitKent sur les trac… https://t.co/V0FGCuLHPg
RT @heraldleader: Some Kentucky residents, Mark Hamill, Henry Winkler among those offering support to Takei, known for his role as Hi… https://t.co/g6L3yM6MUF
Appreciate you, Henry County Middle. It's been great! #TimeFlies https://t.co/Dgi8DYnMDE
RT @ItsMutai: The godfather of enemies in Kenya is a man called Henry Rotich. He has been protecting the enemy. Once we rise, he… https://t.co/c9MUL30WHX
RT @politico: Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue has decided to end a U.S. Forest Service work program that trains at-risk youth… https://t.co/QDLJ70pdDm
RT @flyinglotus: nothings ever promised and I'm thinkin you should just be grateful all the days just feel the same.. Just sayin..
RT @DBChirpy: @JoyceWhiteVance @DBChirpy I felt that the day he was inaugurated. I’ve spent everyday since trying to figure out w… https://t.co/uXCJfnAuEt
Henry County Sheriff Arrest and Citation Report 05-24-19 https://t.co/4LUtssDWa6
RT @VeteranHiker: “I find it wholesome to be alone the greater part of the time. To be in company, even with the best, is soon wearis… https://t.co/kBIKxwLcks
@NTN24ve Es pura paja, Narcolas cree que así va a intimidar a los que piensan Intervenir militarmente Venezuela. P… https://t.co/zIgo7QHku2