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RT @TreeVitalise: We are thinking of everyone in #London after yesterdays awful events 😞 #StayStrong #WeStandTogether https://t.co/9NcmqR8HQP
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@Coral 3-4-3 Hart Stones Dier cahill Walker Hendo lallana Rose sterling alli Kane
@ONEKEPLER but a midfield of Hendo, Lallana and Phil, then Mané, Mahrez and Bobby do their thing upfront won't be bad o
Football! Thank fuck summer is over.
This weeks freebie Friday Hen do pack winner is @NaughtyBulb ! Please contact us to claim your prize!… https://t.co/fOr8RddLC1
@PaulCla07148381 Matip, Can, Coutinho.. even Milner makes more sense than Hendo.
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@OfficialRisbey behave George. Hendo is our future captain
@LisaJBryant @KateEllisMP Yes & Labor did nothing to reverse tax free income for self funded retirees over 60, some with milllions #disgrace
@DevilAird @TimesSport @henrywinter he's not better than Henderson at CM as bad as hendo is, a striker playing CM makes 0 sense
RT @challengewild: Yes you can! Click here to book your adventure >>> https://t.co/pwPCpsz49J #TeamBuilding #Fundraising #StagDo #HenDo https://t.co/NevCWFaKUK
My life as a Model for Josephine Hendo Blanche Macdonald https://t.co/CBZp7UsUXs
@9_Hendo making it on a sport bible "article" haha https://t.co/LBA6MV6u5j
@JosephShirley87 can only be Kane or Alli 2 first names on sheet and will be for years, probably prefer Kane but Hendo shouldn't be a option
RT @RoronoaZo: Souvent j'ai des embrouilles avec tout ce qui me ressemble. Mais l'arbre que la hache coupe, a le même bois que son manche.
RT @markwil147: Cmon hendo then please let me draw him first game https://t.co/yBCXkgEZbo