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RT @contagious: Don’t fall prey to the Bystander Effect, says @contagiousPaul. If your colleagues are happy churn out safe creativi… https://t.co/4LNwDp4uFM
Julie__Ca atrupar He needs to go to jail.
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Friday YA: Off the Ice (Juniper Falls #1) by Julie Cross https://t.co/5L7IIBCNXo https://t.co/tM3cnyoANr
@qrangqrang 아 맞다 와쥐님 생일 축하해요 https://t.co/HhglZCp2Nz
RT @FilmHistoryPics: Actress Julie Adams being treated after hitting her head during the filming of Creature from the Black Lagoon, 1954. https://t.co/onJXae9wjJ
RT @ertisa_kalaci: "Noora and William were the first characters I wrote. And the story I really wanted to tell. But I didn’t want it t… https://t.co/A7wf7a3SUI
#NowPlaying KYLE f./Lil Yachty - Hey Julie! (Explicit) on https://t.co/MffCaUV6IS
RT @LoveChrisandAli: "Our universe grants every soul a twin—a reflection of themselves—the kindred spirit – And no matter where they are… https://t.co/hEs7bxZBsz
@Julie_JKT48 Sudah selesai ya ujian MTK nya semoga bagus hasilnya. Terima Kasih ya Jul Theater kemarin. 🤗🇮🇩💕. Jaga kesehatan Jul. Sory 🙏
What was your favorite cartoon? — Not WAS *IS OVER THE GARDEN WALLLLLL AND GRAVITY FAAALLS BITCHEEES https://t.co/KQ247tUk6J
RT @terriwindling: Today on Myth & Moor: some music from the Scottish isles by Julie Fowlis, Ellen Macdonald, Fara, Jenny Sturgeon, Br… https://t.co/fRzisflY9w