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@crose84 Well there is that. but a bit of a let down I guess
RT @girlposts: when you think you've finally got your life back together but it turns out you've just been repressing emotions and… https://t.co/kFT1gjHFH8
RT @stewmarketing: #Management - 4 ways to spend your company'€™s IT budget more effectively https://t.co/91zEjkTTY4 on @top_consultant
@UcanCallmeLitke notice that Noah/Jack's name wasnt on the cast list that Julie posted for Genes, so he was a even later add then Lindstrom.
@jamdownrocks does muting really work???? 😍
RT @xwnklmnx: Only when we allow others to be who they are, rather than what we want them to be, will we have peaceful relationsh… https://t.co/5PctS3eWn5
@julie_kelly2 @RadioFreeTom i don't think partisan laypersons like yourself are in a position to make that determination
RT @_abdoulayems: Boy you barri ngui bayi djang à cause du harcèlement à l'école. Le responsable : une société qui la normalise et des gens qui n'eduquent ➕
RT @TeamTAbbott: Turnbull & Bishop are a DISGRACE. They are too willing to pervert Australia's principles in order to placate China. https://t.co/rKXvSzNMB8
RT @tiarasfreonal: Show you the way love supposed to be
RT @chicletariaa: Lembrei do Marcos dizendo que ela devia ser advogada e tô imaginando: Promotor: "O teu cliente é um assassino" Emilly: "Tu é um assassino"
Julie Andrews hopes her new series inspires children to love music and drama https://t.co/AIFD6OO8ON #music https://t.co/0DxmepliUW
Juicy-Julie: Ich betrete den Raum und trage hauchzarte, schwarze Nylons, High Heels und mein Hausmädchen Kleid, um… https://t.co/mTuLMsuBLK
J'voudrais tes bras et leur pression
@julie_kelly2 @RadioFreeTom @Tracinski that would warrant further inquiry but is certainly not sufficient to reject the science
RT @cwtvd: Hear more from the cast and Julie Plec about wrapping up #TVD, presented by @mmschocolate. Stream the series finale… https://t.co/iBiSKEwcnT
RT @EmiForLove: Dawn Julie asked...orange blue or black for your tracker? https://t.co/1toZ544o4X
RT @MATTELbaby: Bon, les filles je préfère vous prévenir : se prendre en photo devant un miroir c'est faire la pute. https://t.co/t7AkYssPCh