Hell Be Back

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@_ools_ @natalidormer haha ja 😂 oder "He's just looking for freedom - he'll be back as soon as he found it"
@shamima1985 @Ishaqzaadiii This explains the stuff he was gathering in his suitcase. He'll be back tho. I hope.
@Ishaqzaadiii he'll be back though right? Even Manu will come back no? 😟😒
I expect he'll be back next week with some kind of weird arm brace @leehorrocks21 @Im_willis https://t.co/LaowEH9nje
RT @stuartmurphy12: The fact #AntonSavage is trending ahead of the #ToyShow shows how much of a mistake @todayfm are making. He'll be back onwards and upwards
He'll be back. Giving him 5 years. Too young and too damn talented to call it a day https://t.co/i3ziX1147V
@AlexAndersen87 don't worry the commish wants what's best for him too I think he'll be back soon think we will find out Monday
sold my last zip plug said he'll be back in a hour
#CountdownToChristmas #Santa is at the Pier Head this #weekend from 1-7 He'll be back THUR SAT SUN until Dec15 the… https://t.co/MUMBTpgUOC
@lukepreston_ yes mate 😂I'm gonna have to go check if there's life .he'll be back rubbing again haha
RT @Ervin_21: @Desmond_Funk @BBCSport horrible injury. I wish Ruairi a speedy recovery, with the help an support of club he'll be back stronger.
"Happy's gone for fishing, he'll be back soon :3"-Bot
@eX_Kingz quix when and made tea he'll be back soon
@ivorcannon Don't blame AW for having Jenkinson sit this one out. He'll be back on Tuesday night- an away fixture far from all this madness.
he'll be back and maybe i'll be here but i can promise ill never let my guard down for him again.
@pokemondeadguy Awww! He'll be back.☇☇☇
We should let him know. He'll be back for sure. 😎 @ClaudiaHauter @Schwarzenegger
Miss him already. He'll be back for playoffs tho 😉 https://t.co/dS7YvnKRyr
He really blocked me, my little feelings hurt .. but I know he'll be back 😂💀 On baby .
@sheringham_fc @Mattyboy_16 @ScoleFc glad to hear he is on the mend, hopefully he'll be back on the pitch in no time
RT @BallHawk_Carter: @Ya_mummm they just doin that right now to keep they-self in good , he'll be back trust me I kno
@shaunkcurran @sospainter He'll be back in a CURRY mean hurry 🙃