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Lads is the Garda helicopter just out for the craic around Naas or what's going on?! This is the second night in a row they have spoken me
[NewApp!!] Jungle Animal Rescue Helicopter : Wild-Life Game - Muhammad Tahir https://t.co/2eXlZRs26D Animal Rescue… https://t.co/vReMib3aik
Lonzo's dad represents all the worst parts of helicopter parenting https://t.co/BaRayNVLHQ
Places you can only get too by helicopter
02-26 #Hrabusice, SLOVAKIA: A helicopter extinguishes a forest... https://t.co/SdoU4azyHC
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/qftVF07BOP The Best Helicopter shots By Ms Dhoni | 2017 | Cricket Dhamaka
Mysterious Black Hawk helicopter spotted near Mosul in Iraq https://t.co/xMINFmIGeR https://t.co/aPCkuneXLP
Mysterious Black Hawk helicopter spotted near Mosul in Iraq https://t.co/jC4ruUfnCt https://t.co/rMhLUdQq4e
Mysterious Black Hawk helicopter spotted near Mosul in Iraq https://t.co/wHfGfTzPHN https://t.co/u3qkuSbnz4
RT @dog_rates: This is Darrel. He just robbed a 7/11 and is in a high speed police chase. Was just spotted by the helicopter 10/10 https://t.co/7EsP8LmSp5
Try. James Coburn hanging off a helicopter! https://t.co/UNOhz77KHP
RT @aayylmao: that get hit by a helicopter kind of day
RT @ufeellucky: MH-60S Sea Hawk helicopters from Tridents of Helicopter Sea Combat Sqn (HSC) 9 conduct naval ops, MEDITERRANEAN SEA… https://t.co/kTSBy39oUe
BLADE Expands Into LA + Win a Free Helicopter Ride Over the Oscars Los Angeles. Some call it the City of Angels, … https://t.co/BuAJI0ANdi
RT @Crystal1Johnson: After only 20 minute helicopter ride over NYC, autistic artist, Stephen Wiltshire was able to draw the New York sky… https://t.co/01kFBvt8dg
@ABC7NY Fri 11 PM: This woman admittedly did not see the helicopter crash. So how is she an "eyewitness",… https://t.co/jkjABaANWK
RT @theswordcom: .@TimKrugerXXX sure can pick them: @CalebKingXXX rides @KoldoGoran's #BigDick going full helicopter #gay #bareback… https://t.co/bqHmwT6teN
At times like these I wish I had a helicopter. https://t.co/JgnMAIvcxG
#helicopter pilot in sex act denied license free porn videos on the net https://t.co/v9KqoUHKyy
@ipikak1 No. You don't believe it takes 24hr to get from Baghram to Pakistan by helicopter. Nobody on Earth does. @ericgarland @ShaunKing
RT @LondonAffair: Groupon be having horse rides, helicopter rides, wine tasting, paint balling, rafting, ALL THE LIT SHIT. https://t.co/I6TCHqma9C
Plane extracted from Flat Tops Wilderness by #helicopter - Rio Blanco Herald Times : https://t.co/Up2Q8mJ7lB