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RT @DailyCaller: US-Led Coalition Member Killed In Helicopter Crash In Iraq https://t.co/AAu0muIRKj https://t.co/CfjIIclSeY
Helicopter security run along the Danube on Hungarian national day: https://t.co/2QAysDF41E via @YouTube
RT @TizianoFerro: Mancava solo il brevetto per l’elicottero (?!) Helicopter ride, anyone?! https://t.co/rY7vH8Nrvt
@notS0LUS And others, like doing a motorcycle chase against traffic without a helmet and a balance system and anoth… https://t.co/f5EZ1XCHiR
RT @f1writers: BRUTAL CRASH!!! Wickens crash in slow motion... 😥😥😥 Robert Wickens is awake and alert. He has been transported by… https://t.co/fVGkPWg4QT
Coalition service member killed in Iraq helicopter crash https://t.co/ZYpUMhyjkV via @AmerMilNews
RT @JimLaPorta: #BREAKING scoop this morning: A U.S. Special Operations Helicopter Crashes in Iraq, Multiple Injured #Iraq #military https://t.co/jFMzYIUNHA
Family requesting aid from the provincial and federal governments to help with search for missing Brandon teacher J… https://t.co/wthpkHBIJM
Baby born on coastguard helicopter 1,400ft above Cornwall https://t.co/wf60efdcin
RT @chadgarland: Details about the servicemember who died have been withheld, pending release by "pertinent national authorities." S… https://t.co/ujyxgHGTCD
@LtAssistent I’m in a Blackwing helicopter. I’m sitting in the back, and they’ve tied my feet together, and there’s… https://t.co/XSimu6B6te
American Service Member Killed in Helicopter Crash in Iraq https://t.co/2p33iUbTaA
The Federal Aviation Administration has launched an investigation of a near collision off the Hollywood coast. https://t.co/Q0Clxxi65A
RT @DailyCaller: US-Led Coalition Member Killed In Helicopter Crash In Iraq https://t.co/AAu0muIRKj https://t.co/CfjIIclSeY
RT @itvwestcountry: Baby Torran was born 1400 feet in the air when his Mum went into early labour on a trip to the #IslesofScilly!… https://t.co/EcQIVphEti
RT @bollywood_life: Helicopter Eela song Yaadon Ki Almari: Kajol's track will take you down the memory lane of unfulfilled dreams - wat… https://t.co/cILG3QOkds
Canadian IndyCar driver Wickens taken to hospital by helicopter after crash https://t.co/7lpShjhIal https://t.co/HI3bDqNm7a
Helicopter Pilots: you don’t need rotor speed to land. You need rotor speed to land again some other day.
Helicopter 🚁 circling over KilburnHighRoad/ Queen’sPark for a while now. What’s happening?
Effective Exit https://t.co/PGMVeGIxZ6 Soldiers exit a UH-60L Black Hawk helicopter during joint training with Alba… https://t.co/Wrr9FegrXW
RT @DefenceMinIndia: Indigenously developed Helicopter launched Anti-Tank Guided Missile ‘HELINA’ has been successfully flight tested at… https://t.co/Hx08DUy0q0
RT @ByRakeshSimha: 17 year old in Kerala sends distress call. Army sends helicopter to the area. Pilot: "It was a hard place to reach.… https://t.co/PEopROsE4C
RT @wordsmithviv: Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), 50, is another possible Presidential candidate. She’s a retired Army Lt. Col.; a helic… https://t.co/DhlHreFchZ
RT @WaeedAwan: Reporter : Wazeeray Azam naye 2 gaariya'n rakhnay ka ilaan kiya hai aap ki qabina helicopter pay aayi hai Murad al… https://t.co/waxyGRjJ8c