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The worst part about watching the uncut version of Cast Away is the two sex scenes Tom Hanks has with Wilson. Awkward for me and Helen Hunt.
@trixiemattel It’s when you dress up as Helen hunt for no damn reason at all and keep the gag going for weeks on end #yashunty
RT @kateberlant: I cannot believe we’re supposed to buy that Helen Hunt would’ve gone for Jack Nicholson in As Good as it Gets
"Oh, write of me, not 'Died in bitter pains,' But 'Emigrated to another star!'" Helen Hunt Jackson, d 133y ago today
Watched The Miracle Season this weekend. A good movie with a whole lot of heart. Gotta love amazing true stories. A… https://t.co/1c7yvZESOO
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What ever happened to Helen Hunt? I miss her. Life was better when she was in movies. Is thinking things like this how you know you are old
13% done with A Century of Dishonor, by Helen Hunt Jackson https://t.co/kx2eOtjMsw
#CineEnCasa "Reencuentro", notable debut como directora de Helen Hunt. En @SundanceLA a las 16:10 horas… https://t.co/isY5mPOWkD
RT @SamchanRyan: Reviewer powerful as Letters to God,heart wrenching as Nobody's Child as touching as Pay It Forward with Helen Hunt https://t.co/YR6RyaI1Ed
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I'm watching DC's Legends of Tomorrow 3x06 "Helen Hunt" https://t.co/jJCl3dVWYI #LegendsOfTomorrow #trakt
No dia 12 de agosto de 1885 morria Helen Hunt Jackson, escritora estadunidense. Posso enterrar na sua bunda?
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I am looking backward as I go, / Am lingering while I haste, and in this rain / Of tears of joy am mingling tears o… https://t.co/1hiePMuPxv
Helen Hunt was great in that movie https://t.co/OlcrZY4otQ
@scottishbolt Funny thing is that the Back Door is the name of the bar that Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson meet at and k… https://t.co/QTdHh7p1uw
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When love is at its best, one loves so much that he cannot forget. - Helen Hunt Jackson #quote