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@ReggieBush @ReggieBush Speaking of jokes, why don’t you explain to us again about the illegal benefits you took at… https://t.co/fUYCJCL0No
Sheriff, remember this is coming from a guy that had his Heisman Trophy stripper for cheating. The Clemson players… https://t.co/iCFKzF08AY
@SheriffClarke @realDonaldTrump @ReggieBush After being stripped of his Heisman trophy & a terrible NFL career, lik… https://t.co/TbdgLDubQX
@SheriffClarke @realDonaldTrump @ReggieBush Where do you display that Heisman Trophy Reggie? Oh...really? Hmmm....
@SheriffClarke @realDonaldTrump @ReggieBush Has that clown returned his Heisman trophy yet? His irrelevance is showing.
@SheriffClarke @realDonaldTrump @ReggieBush @ReggieBush talking about respect....took bribes and had to return the… https://t.co/s9x2KZj3e6
@ReggieBush It takes a lot of character to do what you did with the Heisman trophy. People are always going to hav… https://t.co/uGmsvynAAf
The only man who had to return the Heisman trophy throwing shade on POTUS. Epic fail! https://t.co/S2ApOOtLAN
@kebindoinwork @pdransfeld @TylerIAm You know who else was a Heisman Trophy winner? Troy Smith
RT @BDavisAAS: Texas QB Sam Ehlinger opens with 16/1 odds to win the 2019 Heisman Trophy, per @betonline_ag. Trevor Lawrence the 3/1 favorite. Tua is 4/1.
RT @JasonSwanny: With the 6th pick in the draft, the @Giants select Heisman trophy winner @TheKylerMurray! #Sooners #OUDNA https://t.co/ICqZxDmqWk
RT @CollinTheroux: I could be wrong but...when you’re a first round baseball player and Heisman trophy winner in the same calendar yea… https://t.co/1On8U5mBmX
@ReggieBush coming from someone that had to give back a Heisman trophy and cost his team a National Championship. H… https://t.co/ObLKLyBDS0
Hahah Reggie. Please. Let’s go pull the tweets and reactions from the Clemson players, they reacted so positive to… https://t.co/WElubVJhFi
Reggie Bush says Clemson’s fast food spread from Trump was ‘disrespectful on so many levels’… https://t.co/fMopK5MEKK
How’s that Heisman trophy? Oh wait.. https://t.co/L9pBQ7DLlR
Reggie why don’t u Go clean your Heisman trophy Oops u don’t have one https://t.co/aK1QEpRNgo
RT @11W: Justin Fields opens with 12/1 odds to win the Heisman Trophy according to @betonline_ag. https://t.co/TTHpoacgj9
@North2North @ReggieBush @BearsGrl80 @ClemsonFB Well I’m sure none of their families received gifts from agents for… https://t.co/ZsvUqLUDdV
RT @AWardSports: Justin Fields is already drawing Heisman Trophy buzz, per BetOnline. https://t.co/xA27DhPNla
RT @sugurray4UGA: Yes Reggie, since when were you worried about respect...show me your Heisman trophy ok. https://t.co/lEoHexY8lr
@ReggieBush @ClemsonFB So Reggie I guess we would thing your credible but where’s your Heisman Trophy??? Choice in… https://t.co/0PrQ8ILPy6
RT @Jake300winmag: @ReggieBush Why you talking trash about @POTUS feeding @ClemsonFB free dinner...didn't you get your Heisman trophy… https://t.co/xUyafJPpEd