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last night: Situation comes on; a Tiny Gay squealed about a Heidi Montag track, and i’m like ??? must’ve been this https://t.co/TgfWGSKjnL
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Heidi Montag was hotter before her surgery
Heidi Montag in Jeans at LAX airport Los Angeles https://t.co/XhyDAryAbH #celebrity #gossip
Heidi Montag in Jeans at LAX airport Los Angeles https://t.co/gfyQNLHHZg #celebrity #gossip
Larry the Cable Guy to pair up with Heidi Montag on #DWTS
Nightline - Heidi Montag Addicted to Beauty https://t.co/m91fYA1w67
@aguywithnolife she looks like Heidi montag before the plastic surgery
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Heidi Montag At Los Angeles International Airport - August 28, 2016 https://t.co/wVDAkE85sk #HeidiMontag https://t.co/s283JJEphj
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