Tweets about a recent trend: Heffa

For some reason,I do not trust this lil white heffa...my discernment is kicking in.
Back from work...I’m so mad at this heffa from the hospital who called about the last paycheck. 😩🤦🏾‍♀️
@JGDaGod Stop tweeting bout me heffa
That heffa got a booking info pic lol Preachers daughters be da real freak hoes
@AnjeliqueDubois @bionicanadian @ChristiWalling @hqtrivia Have I just followed another good friend of my Queen Heffa?
💀💀💀 someone come get this drunk ass heffa😂 https://t.co/TCtKZk7fpA
This nasty heffa at my job got everybody sick. I can’t
Watching Being Mary Jane and so far I can't understand how this heffa has any friends.
@SMVBZ 💀💀💀 not heffa😂 lol goodnight honey
@caylamaria_ Goodnight heffa I’m sleepy
RT @ElleOnWords: Our babies are getting kicked outta school behind their natural hair, meanwhile this heffa-- https://t.co/vLodEcr5lY
RT @CesarsTacos: Can’t wait for sweater weather so I can really start dressinnnnn https://t.co/YyWjgg6GUS
RT @GoldenEb0ny: @Xmiramira we gonna call the new heffa knotknees from now on lmaoo
RT @AubreyMommy4616: This HOMELESS OBSESSED heffa is trying so hard to make herself be relevant!! IDC.. IDC.. 😂🤣
@Xmiramira we gonna call the new heffa knotknees from now on lmaoo
I hate watching these hair tutorials with these nice silky ass patterns. Heffa use one squeeze of conditioner and r… https://t.co/4lz798FGQo
@kayluh_kaay Don’t try to act like uon miss me heffa 🧐😕🤣
RT @USOuljah: Congrats, Springboks! Your prize is you get to take Heffa du Plessis-Alelo back home with you.
Hey are you sleep?... naw heffa I was resting my eyes😑🤦🏾‍♀️ https://t.co/CzFLcfSPdV
RT @LovelySurprise_: Aw, heffa! You didn’t even wipe the sink down after you washed the dishes! https://t.co/AjFyLJgwoC
@_kaiia_x3 Alll of y’all ! I don’t take the title lightly heffa.
RT @MiraR__: My uterus is being the ultimate b-word today. Don’t punish me because I’m not pregnant you heffa!!