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@HarryAvis18 Fast and furious Tokyo drift
RT @CanesEDIT: Louis Hedley steps foot on campus and CANES baseball team wins 19-3???? There are no coincidences...
Have you heard ‘Hacky Draas (Dads Song)’ by @hedas46 on #SoundCloud? #np https://t.co/juhcUgDJ8P
Thanks to @dwallacewells for a refreshing perspective on the rationality of alarmism. "when it comes to climate cha… https://t.co/b7EQ5y4QD5
Como pasar de querer darle murra a Hedley a shippearlo con Tris parte II. — Aprovecho para decir que dejéis de esta… https://t.co/y2qvAYgIzj
@spaceman999999 Lobbing a few glue sticks across classroom every time hedley turns his back
@emmasingletonx You know!!! 😂😂😂♥️
@emmasingletonx Yes!!! Me and my cousins used grass and flowers too!!
@beatusillc No fue nada. Soy Hedley, profesor de medicina, encantado.
@aint2sure @CBSNews @60Minutes No, Hedley Lamar is looking for a cabinet post.
A pretty good argument that fanaticism & shaming isn't an effective way to create change, even though the fact rema… https://t.co/DclnG5m46v
@T1987Adam Haha, I'll bring you a snowglobe back
Doubles Score Update: Cardinals clinch the doubles point! 1⃣ Kougoucheff/Salle ⬆️ 5-2 2⃣ Lancaster/Hedley ✅ 6-3 3⃣ Gomez/Wesbrooks ✅ 6-3
Doubles Score Update: 1⃣ Kougoucheff/Salle ⬆️ 5-2 2⃣ Lancaster/Hedley ⬆️ 5-2 3⃣ Gomez/Wesbrooks ✅ 6-3
@KylynnIt @AmyJamiC Good luck. I hope your day exceeds your grandest expectations.
@podnen @Hedley_K Troll time is best tome to protect bridge from nasty humans stomp over it! Nasty humans wants to… https://t.co/qSVDEU3LOI
Doubles Score Update: 1⃣ Kougoucheff/Salle ⬆️ 3-0 2⃣ Lancaster/Hedley ↔️ 2-2 3⃣ Gomez/Wesbrooks ⬆️ 2-1
Kinda feel like @Hedley_K and his 'GMT=real time' needs to see this 😂 (Also the rest of the Space Junk discord tbf… https://t.co/i79f0C9BNJ
Take a 👀 at our doubles lineup vs. Purdue! 1⃣ Kougoucheff/Salle 2⃣ Lancaster/Hedley 3⃣ Gomez/Wesbrooks
@richardhagan - A little rock in the mountains with Hedley here in Banff. Cold enough tonight to wear this beauty… https://t.co/bFoZEyF6XT