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@sammtrott @DFB_Team_EN @Arsenal he's hobbling around like Heather Mills fgs
There are many other kinds of milk available. Why don't we try drinking rats' milk and dog #HeatherMills #quotation https://t.co/mnVDiOxard
@madmunk @captain_parsnip @Duckingbarstool I bet Heather Mills had a one night stand and the bloke shat in her false leg, THAT HAPPENED!!!
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@slone has beens. Now I'm glad Heather Mills divorced him.
RT @mark_w_1: @PaulMcCartney lol... you had better judgement when you married Heather Mills!
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I could get into bed with James Bond, then take my false leg off and it would really be a #HeatherMills #quotation https://t.co/3Dpj6zRUU4
The police came to me to say I had death threats and that I had to be careful! #HeatherMills #quotation https://t.co/5gkOGl9Vps
Rumour has it that Heather Mills has made her way to #SueCon! (we found a prosthetic leg in the ball pit)
O DWTS gosta de investir em celebridades"polêmicas"já passaram por lá Heather Mills(ex do Paul McCartney),Paula Deen,entre outros porra loka
It took one human error to take my leg and one human error to take my mother's. #HeatherMills #quotes https://t.co/oeGyRfWCXA
I'm not telling people to go vegan overnight. #HeatherMills #quotes https://t.co/X1rvSkhIVL
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