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@sammtrott @DFB_Team_EN @Arsenal he's hobbling around like Heather Mills fgs
@madmunk @captain_parsnip @Duckingbarstool I bet Heather Mills had a one night stand and the bloke shat in her false leg, THAT HAPPENED!!!
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@slone has beens. Now I'm glad Heather Mills divorced him.
RT @mark_w_1: @PaulMcCartney lol... you had better judgement when you married Heather Mills!
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Rumour has it that Heather Mills has made her way to #SueCon! (we found a prosthetic leg in the ball pit)
O DWTS gosta de investir em celebridades"polêmicas"já passaram por lá Heather Mills(ex do Paul McCartney),Paula Deen,entre outros porra loka
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I'm at Royal 'Heather' Mills https://t.co/EzMtgRaYok
Heather Mills joins The Jump’s long list of injuries #ITV... https://t.co/p9P9m9SKDa
Hitler was a vegan. The more i hear about this fella, the more i'm convinced he is Heather Mills. One leg/one ball. Coincidence? Yes