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RT @TylerSeavey: Asia has heated toilet seats in hotels and I think America really needs to catch up on this tech
RT @CrazyAF_ButCute: Be the heated seats of people, not the cold toilet seat.
RT @JayRomeo_: Days like this make me wish I had a heated toilet seat
@Nicole_Cliffe They're the best, Nicole! I was so disappointed using my stupid normal toilet after having my butt p… https://t.co/821JkQJFlc
@Nicole_Cliffe one of my best friends in high school had one and i was always afraid of the wash and dry parts but… https://t.co/CVamTAJYQs
OMG JAPAN THANK YOU for having heated toilet seats even at your restrooms in the middle of f***ing nowhere 😭❤️👍🏻
@Nicole_Cliffe Sitting on a normal toilet seat that is warm: 🤢🤢🤢🤢 Sitting on a Japanese heated toilet seat: 💯💯💯💯
And these Google employees live like kings do you hear me. Food everywhere at all times. The mf toilet seats are he… https://t.co/XnmpaRs6vf
Can’t wait to leave to get food and then go home and sit on my toilet tht I wish was heated like my friends toilets 😪
I’m so heated rn . My oven and my toilet wants to freakin mess up rn . Like I Fr got use bathroom . Welp time to ca… https://t.co/C1ISiivH3b
How necessary is a heated toilet seat in your home?
i remember when i step out of the customs/security check the first ad i saw was heated toilet seats in a massive hanging poster
i need a heated toilet seat
@aanneessssaa We need heated toilet seats 😂
RT @ritthiprom3: i need a heated toilet seat man... this shit is sooo cold.. fuck
At magician David Copperfield's house, he shows me toilet: "It's heated -- and has flesh!"
RT @candygirlemma: @ida_skibenes So... a few years ago I was at a convention in Atlantic City at Trump Taj Mahal. The toilet seats wer… https://t.co/nQpX91eygH
Fully heated interiors and hot water provide guests with a warm and welcoming #restroom experience during the cold… https://t.co/4ipSW5lAxW
@MasterPMiller is your toilet solid gold or plated gold?? Me and my navy buddies are having a heated debate about y… https://t.co/2lj7IiPWln
Noah is convinced that Piada has heated toilet seats...
RT @N_V_R: Winter Railcar Services Join us on our Swedish Railcar Services this Saturday and Sunday, our heated Railcar will b… https://t.co/DXmA9OvIdO
RT @JayRomeo_: Days like this make me wish I had a heated toilet seat
Ok, how has it taken me this long to discover the magic that is a heated toilet seat!!!! #FancyNYHomesIGetToNannyInhttps://t.co/ytJFtHQLGu
Theyre having a wholeass debate on a toilet stall wall, women’s restroom 4th floor Dey Hall is getting heated https://t.co/XC3Es1WZyG
RT @JayRomeo_: Days like this make me wish I had a heated toilet seat