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@vmsalama @maggieNYT Trump to also demand heated toilet seat for more comfortable Tweeting.
Best thing is see in a women's bathroom. Heated toilet seats. https://t.co/wwljwvGTqv
WOW! The Metokur stream is... Heated XD And here I was commenting on the toilet tier art of the Thundercats reboot XD
The spa I went to had a heated toilet seat with a water cleaner for your private parts too
Sat on my first heated toilet seat and it impacted me enough to tweet it
This heated toilet seat is life changing. Judge me
So I’m on Lowe’s looking for things for the new home. And one of them is a new toilet seat. The first one that pops… https://t.co/Aa671r3mV9
@realDonaldTrump @nytimes Somebody's flipping out this morning. Constipation? The toilet seat not heated this morni… https://t.co/TsNHxCnZM6
heated seats freak me out. makes me feel like someone was just using it. i dont like to be on a toilet that someo… https://t.co/dxUQQNZWW0
@BigHPrivateEye i literally just used a japanese toilet for the first time this morning. heated seat. massage strea… https://t.co/zWwt3lVjVK
I can’t call myself successful if I don’t get myself a heated toilet seat
#IAdmirePeopleWho don't use trending hashtags to promote their crappy agendas, shitty products, turdy businesses, e… https://t.co/IzLYR5xMsL
RT @ExplicitTrend: I need a heated toilet seat
RT @abc13houston: The toilet goes high tech w/ a heated seat, bluetooth & more. Tonight after the NBA game, get a first hand look at… https://t.co/AcgbizYlRN
RT @USATODAYmoney: Smart home tech is coming to your bathroom: Get ready for smart mirrors,voice-controlled showers and heated toilet… https://t.co/WSklsmKNfF
@MATTHARDYBRAND @ProWrestlingMag Wait wait..do you still have heated toilet seats? My apologies, let me rephrase! D… https://t.co/4lB7vnLMqx
America. You need heated toilet seats.
The first takeaway from Japan is that heated toilet seats are a necessity
RT @BubblesnBooze: I used to want nice cars, big houses and diamonds. Now, I just want a heated toilet seat, someone to wash my hair e… https://t.co/ZT7S9myxmo
RT @ExplicitTrend: I need a heated toilet seat
I'm looking forward to heated toilet seats when I'm in Japan next week. 😂
ps the toilet seat in my hotel room is HEATED
@dead_toe_boy @_will_c_ Sir there is a difference between owning a heated toilet seat and sitting down knowing that… https://t.co/YVbEVmJ2tG