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Looks like the right team, but have my doubts about Sinclair being able to play his natural game on that pitch. O'D… https://t.co/I8lhD3UEuV
Dwyane Wade isn’t the only one representing the Heat during All-Star Weekend https://t.co/ArSu5Nf9IQ Plus, here’s w… https://t.co/K40Joq9CpE
Dwyane Wade knows he can still play, but this is why he’s made a ‘definitive decision’ to retire… https://t.co/kn1pTHMRVT
Game gave me a reference in this heat… Remember to hydrate! This treant looks pretty good.
RT @torzleague: these hit different when ur 7 years old and just finished a softball game and have a blue gatorade https://t.co/WvM3d2YKDa
RT @iitsAD: My next 3 projects got nothing but heat on him. Hope u Niggaz ready. Game time. We letting everything fly this year hoe
heat and intensity during the game should only stay during or when the game is happening, dapat walang personalan ❌ https://t.co/mBtNlaVert
@MylesGorham85 Adding AB (what I selected since he said cost wasnt a parameter), youre hoping Cousins makes better,… https://t.co/rQzGQaQ5Uz
@ceuryerim taboo is more of a group guessing game, basically charades. let’s say i’ll give you a word in dm: desert… https://t.co/QQiz6G1qjX
RT @BasquetTotal: #NBA | SÁBADO DE FIESTA En la noche del sábado se llevaron a cabo los concursos del All-Star Game de la NBA.… https://t.co/tRoMcgAU0M
Feb 16 Game Score: Atom Girls HL - 1, Huron Heat HL - 3 https://t.co/0ZB1yRoF2m
#NBA | SÁBADO DE FIESTA En la noche del sábado se llevaron a cabo los concursos del All-Star Game de la NBA.… https://t.co/tRoMcgAU0M
RT @TrashTalk_fr: Dwyane Wade va participer à son dernier All-Star Game cette nuit : qui se rappelle de son premier en 2005 ? https://t.co/6jtBaUJFK7
RT @MIAHeat_Nation: Dwyane Wade wants to exchange jerseys with Michael Jordan after the All-Star game #Heat https://t.co/vLwiBKRVob
“A few Liverpool fans were messaging me before the game & sending me pictures of Fernando Torres & Steven Gerrard d… https://t.co/maL50ymE23
@eziothedeadpoet @xiFlynn It just feels like ppl are being overly critical with Anthen for some reason. I've seen a… https://t.co/5ZhSToJ7ZP
@EMahosi @GcabasheGood Imagine dying of heat because you need to be seen as heterosexual. Or having to walk a dista… https://t.co/svp6veY8TJ
Sun Feb 17 2019 I won't put this on my dp but put this on my tata.. this rap game ain't nothing funny. Am sittin… https://t.co/OKDadP2dyq
Trump's emergency order is generating a lot of heat. @CassSunstein provides the light 3 days $15 tax from all work… https://t.co/PmXOmKl24z
RT @WinslowFr: La description du CM du Heat sur la photo de Ray Allen au Celebrity Game 😍😂 https://t.co/6wtWYjKj8A
Heat Change Game Boy Mug, White | Paladone https://t.co/Z4K475RRVN
I don't understand why people need to heat up the polity? What exactly is their end game? Why are they trying so ha… https://t.co/7LFs1dZ8Bc
@minsunflwrah long story sksksk basically got heat stroke n my blood pressure dropped while i was in a game so i collapsed