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RT @TheVampsTristan: Who else is sleeping naked these days because of the heat?
RT @Mae_rye: Yleisön pyynnöstä! Heat-transfer vinyl -vinkkejä 🙈 Paketissa myös ihan hyvät ohjeet jos tilaatte samaa kuin minä o/ https://t.co/xBtenmIFwF
#NowPlaying #NP The Chaser-Winter Heat (Chillout Mix) https://t.co/CSwro7HBKt 📻
@AbeerGreatAss soft ass Europeans get killed by that sun too during alleged "heat waves"(sic) 🙄
RT @_Reimu_Milinda_: これは、 APですか APCRですか HEATですか(゜o゜) https://t.co/jJb1Sn1if2
RT @ra_s3939hpp: ハクネル ハグ寝る #亞北ネルはいいぞ #弱音ハクはいいぞ https://t.co/aljaRL5xEo
RT @MyDogLikes: Are you properly protecting your dog's paws from the heat? Don't miss our tips and tricks: https://t.co/C7WviBS2LA https://t.co/yosEnDDkhu
Its cold when you gotta cut the heat on in your car in the morning.. which also means.. fall is coming!
RT @heatstreet: This could be the nail in the coffin for the second referendum brigade https://t.co/5gohd8f5KV
Dif turning the heat on this morning
RT @ambss_h: Hope the weather stays like this now, no more heat pls
RenaultSportF1: Mrcento ForceIndiaF1 in this heat?!?
RT @FarmFairyCrafts: Do You Suffer from Muscle Pain? It's Important to Know When to Apply Heat or Ice: https://t.co/Su0gVDwUBN https://t.co/3InID8CVDM
RT @ScaniaGroup: Extreme heat and dramatic winter conditions. Tough tests have helped shape #NextGenScania. https://t.co/XbjXqiBz96 https://t.co/W0KGirXQCb
RT @oimyg: 震えるぞHEART  燃え尽きるほどHEAT  おいでよMIYAGI
@heat_fox157 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
RT @SOARAmc: 【あと10分後!】 今夜20時にSOARA x RAYの新曲『HEAT TECH』のミュージックビデオ公開!! @SOARAmc @RAYakaNo0 @luka_kisaragi https://t.co/Vkyl3T1dPP
Fuck Mac Miller my nigga Usher just dropped some heat 🔥🔥😂
RT @deborahvanessa7: Bae and Sark are dropping this heat todae 😍🎤❤️🎱🔑🔑🔑🔥🔥🔥 #ConfirmRemix https://t.co/gNs0dWK5z3
RT @RedHotSquirrel: Goldman Sachs Loves Hillary Clinton So Much It Won’t Let Rich Employees Give Money to Trump https://t.co/ttx5zLsPlz via @heatstreet
RT @_Reimu_Milinda_: これは、 APですか APCRですか HEATですか(゜o゜) https://t.co/jJb1Sn1if2
RT @ZaidZamanHamid: How can a PM of the country works so hard to destroy the national army in the heat of the war?? NS is doing this.... https://t.co/Y69OMaNeNi
RT @jbu3: Saw this pop up (H/T @selzero) Excited for the body horror of the heat grafting the device to your spine, forever VR https://t.co/F0G0QYZ3Zc
RT @ambss_h: Hope the weather stays like this now, no more heat pls