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🎶🎵Brgy.San Jose, A.C./Feel The Heat S2/Indayog Dance Alliance/03-15-2017 🎵🎶: https://t.co/6bXAiV5YeI via @YouTube
New Orange Arctic Grips Heat Resistant Silicone BBQ Gloves by ARCTIC https://t.co/hUlFibjRd9
RT @EscoFlick: Stop wasting time on the wrong people
RT @vintagecigcards: #OnThisDay #OTD 1877. Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race ends in a dead heat (this a later card) #rowing #vintage… https://t.co/ARdzRYfiyg
RT @PhixerPhixer: Oregon +1 WIN Gonzaga ML WIN Under 199 in Miami (Heat vs Raptors) WIN Waiting on Kansas game
Missing the beach agad 😢 It's just not right to feel this heat at home.
Its gonna be 70 degrees tomorrow and my grandma is still going to have her heat on 75 🙄
RT @NBA: Toronto stays hot to top the Heat! DeMar (40p) gets back-to-back 40 points games! FINAL: @Raptors: 101 @MiamiHEAT:… https://t.co/RQYyvGUNxX
RT @LILUZIVERT: Ever been left in the cold 🏚then when you find heat everyone starts knocking 🏯🔥.....2 ®
🎶🎵Brgy.San Jose, A.C./Feel The Heat S2/Junior IDA/03-15-2017 🎵🎶: https://t.co/HgoUdP98Z9 via @YouTube
RT @shebeangry: "Your leg heat is bothering me!"
agreed, in a way it's an out for GOP, bill's an albatross. Would have killed them in 18. Now they can slowly "Fix"… https://t.co/IGQg9qjcrz
RT @jessebyrnes: Nunes tells Hannity he felt obligated to brief Trump "because as you know he’s taking a lot of heat in the news med… https://t.co/seDeqvSUCf
People don't want to take 2 minutes in the morning to heat up a bagel and butter it but will spend 8 minutes in line to pay someone else to…
Dunno if I'm horny or it's just the heat outside.
Got damn k dot brought that fucken heat
🎶🎵Brgy.San Jose, A.C./Feel The Heat S2/Bigtime Palaboy/03-15-2017 🎵🎶: https://t.co/p1RQtb5EDI via @YouTube
RT @honeydrippin_: iMessage Group Chat🙂 Girls Only🚺 dm #'s
i don't usually think twice about free booze at taft but gahdamn this heat is testing me....
I liked a @YouTube video from @CashNastyGaming https://t.co/Yd40Pyt6Vt TAKING SOME HEAT SNEAKERS FROM A MANNEQUIN IN FOOT LOCKER! New