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Heat pack on my shoulders, out of my wet socks, cat trying to steal my spot. Its the little moments that make life… https://t.co/CLho9QYKVK
Miami Heat are shite
For real like I'm just gonna go ghost and come back with heat so they know I'm not fuckin around https://t.co/CR3uvm3lDf
📺There's so much going on!!!! Canes v VT 🏈 Heat v Bobcats🏀 Panthers v Capitals 🏒 Thirstday Night 🏈 😉 NLCS ⚾️
RT @MYName1234abcd: just like @youfunnyb would say, you need to stay up off my tweets if you can't take the heat🔥
RT @jazzzminr: This headache plus this heat got me so messed up 😫
RT @madeintyo: you know when it gets cold , I will drop the heat 🔥
Farmer bringing the heat up close and personal to Arizona. "The American Idol@ will be headlining December 2nd,... https://t.co/NsDkkFiZIG
RT @ShamIAmNot: Not at all surprising someone pretending to be named "Frosted" can't handle the heat #Shame https://t.co/H47ljHi6W0
RT @KirkKnight: You ain't gotta tell them nothing. We know the heat you sitting on... #abba https://t.co/YgijGI2Shs
New heat wave coming soon 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Farmer bringing the heat up close and personal to Arizona. "The American Idol@ will be… https://t.co/NyDLbPqvdc
This heat doesn't make me want to luv any1
Heat Warning If you live in So Ca stay inside Now 98 degrees at 4:30 & still getting hotter. No humidity. If u have to go out drink water
@Gnarsenic The heat peanuts are good.
Sailors and family members brave the heat for the Domestic Violence Awareness Color Run 5K on NBVC. Visit… https://t.co/HoeDo81QTV
RT @howareyoubb: When bae asks you to heat up dinner https://t.co/yZED9aqnyu
@lexconley I'm really sad about this. miss too minus the heat
RT @eigahiho: 『アベンジャーズ』『エイジ・オブ・ウルトロン』ジョシュ・ウェドンが『スター・ウォーズ』映画製作を希望!『ローグ・ワン/スター・ウォーズ・ストーリー』の予告編を観て「僕もやりたい」と考えるようになったとのこと https://t.co/6E0bO2DqVy #HIHOnews
Respond if yur not a t shirt when I'm outside but today I have to because of the heat ugh
RT @PROERA: @joeyBADASS just dropped new heat. Front & Center. https://t.co/Qy9LkMLf91
@MHabi55 do you want to watch the Pels or the Heat? Idk if you'd be able to watch the Pels but you should be fine if you wanna watch miami