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We survived the heat and humidity on our beach walk. Came back smiling and very sweaty (time for some A/C).… https://t.co/IvRdtKzLf0
Please tell me how it must of felt for Obama 2 have himself.wife &children attacked daily? Wait Trump himself was b… https://t.co/h7BnTbR3X0
RT @DoemanxDyna: This Texas heat jus made me book my flight bac 2 LA.
@gpalxo why do I not have one of these? Give them the three amigos latino heat style https://t.co/SREb6ajthM
RT @akatamez: I’ve had it with this heat I’m redy for winter
ion see how some of y’all wearing hoodies in this heat
RT @WhiteHouse: "The lift to growth [last] quarter from Republican-backed tax cuts also came with a boost to productivity,” Bloombe… https://t.co/RgfC20qtUO
بعض من أعمال الأسطورة روبرت دي نيرو.. Goodfellas The Goodfather: Part II Casino Once Upon a Time in America Heat… https://t.co/ufXAKL7MPR
The nee Ariana Grande record is that HEAT BOI 🔥Sweetener killing the game
RT @johanbakerr: The streak ended vs OKC after he took a deep ass 3 with less than 2 mins to go and the Heat up 10+. He didn’t care… https://t.co/75tbPPOJwn
RT @slimsayyy: This heat disrespectful asf
RT @La_BronSA: @GoldenBlack_SA @iamSub_ZeroSA @_shesoyummy NEW HEAT ALERT!!! 🔊🔊🚨🚨🚨 KICK START THE WEEKEND WITH @GoldenBlack_SA -… https://t.co/rRsTPNpql8
RT @PaisaTweets_: This 11 year old boy is working for SCHOOL SUPPLIES and smiling while doing it outside in the heat on the hood of a… https://t.co/9eH5liwZ1o
I thought i left Houston but nope the heat followed me to hampton
RT @Mandylisous12__: Random heat wave🔥🔥🔥 Gain 250+ followers in 20mins Retweet this Like this Follow Spree With Matic Follow whoever… https://t.co/9KOiY589vQ
Always a pleasure teaching this class! Thanks to all who joined me! #westafricandance #africandance #beats #teacherhttps://t.co/gSHJovL8Lv
@charliekirk11 Please tell me how it must of felt for Obama 2 have himself.wife &children attacked daily? Wait Trum… https://t.co/x7BosZtElz
It's a hot one at Suwannee County EM - Boys Ranch! The Heat Index is a blistering 106.0 degrees F. Stay cool and drink plenty of fluids.
i took 3 bike rides today. In the heat and sun. Feeling warn out, in the best way. #fasting #thinspo #bonespo
RT @jeremy_hance: Why this image isn't on the front page of every newspaper in the world, I'll never understand. We keep ignoring the… https://t.co/1vvPpZvGHW
RT @WUWTS: Ah good choice. The guy who threatened his own seminarians if they didn't agree to desecrate the Holy Eucharist by… https://t.co/ORHLlI9y0O
RT @dvnny_r: Alright fuck this heat I’m ready for that Mexican cobija and chocolate de abuelita kinda weather https://t.co/sbBr2pA9xk