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RT @dunekacke: Let's put more guns on campus, not provide support for mental health or suicide prevention, then watch students die. #arleg #arpx #HB1666
RT @TexasTribAbby: Striking Ted Cruz quote on health care from only two weeks ago:
See our latest #Cincinnati, OH #job and click to apply: Registered Nurse Case Manager - Home Health -…
RT @brianklaas: Trump's unqualified son-in-law now in charge of: Fixing the Middle East Fixing the government's operations Fixing veterans' health care
RT @arappeport: Will tax reform be easier than health care? Unlikely.
RT @CBNNews: Millions have type 2 #diabetes and don't know it. Are you one of them? Take this short quiz #health #LCHF #healthy
@FullFrontalSamB the world doesnt get why u cant do 'Universal Health Care'... Medicare in Oz... so simple everyone pays everyone gets in..
Never call or go to a health care facility making demands with a tone of voice and challenging the professionals' intelligence.
Eat More and Weigh Less without Starving!
RT @JohnTuckerPhD: Alberta's approach to opioid crisis, << emphasis on supply than US. @DavidJuurlink…
RT @FoxNews: .@oreillyfactor: If health insurance co. are eventually allowed to compete all across forces would like…
RT @Walelo_: @LifeOfAls @SubDeliveryMan tell them this and watch them turn into weed experts, yapping non-stop about it's health benefits
@Factsionary mental health is more important then physical health...
RT @ChildrnAlliance: Nearly 9 in 10 WA women of color have health coverage as of 2015 #MaternalJustice (1/2)
RT @CNN: "If you got it to give, give it away": This 86-year-old man has raised $400,000. He's given it all to kids in need…
RT @MedicareMonday: The #AHCA was never about health care It was always about tax cuts 4 the 1%. Cutting taxes 4 the 1% is all that matters to the #GOP #Resist
RT @aaziefkhalid: Rezeki is also things like health, kids and even happiness. You don't have to be rich, you just have to be able to provide
RT @PainterNell: I’d like to see public health discussed as a class issue—for all Americans, not just white people.
RT @oro_jackson: One Piece Fans who believe Sogeking and Usopp are the same person will be sent to Dr. Vegapunk for a Mental Health Assessment. #OnePiece
RT @phil200269: Koch Brothers Vow Re-Election Funds For Republicans Who Vote Against GOP Health Care Bill. #MAGA…
@jessicaalba is an educational tool which promotes parenting tips, health, arts, within a community of families
RT @nytimes: The Republicans in power: From "we got this" to "what now?"
RT @DeAndresPage: Yeah you attractive, but are you good for my mental health ?