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@ephcmcre You? Hahahahahahahah I'm so funny. /clears my throat. I'm sorry that was inappropriate. Everything's good. Hbu?
@noctisfunzies heH (and I'm good thanks!! hbu aaa)
@jongin_hunnie ... im fine and in love with real person haha hbu?
@NIC0LEJUNG ahh ne ne arrachi^^ im fine ♡ hbu unnie ?
@aim_mi good holidays just ended. Hbu ?
@jjcnny just do our scehdule kkk hbu eonnie??
RT @chrisrtate1: Kalei was wearin a banana costume around her house earlier today hbu... @Kaleibaee https://t.co/yaBNPmF0LB
oh hey I woke up in an idyllic Swiss village hbu? https://t.co/zIP8DZfRdi
Saya manusia, hbu?
@TECHNOL0GAY im fine hehe and going crazy smtms hahaha hbu?? have exams make u stress??
@BiggDaddyyDeess I'm off at 4 Tuesday if you wanna come over :D I'm not sure yet I think my friend is having a Halloween party, hbu??
@xqgirls aku baik eon😁 hbu??
So ready for the opening of McDonald's tomorrow 🐷!!
I'm good : )) aside from feeling hungry ahah hbu? https://t.co/zGv2gNR8Z3
@namuwowhyunie omg thank you! im cath, hbu? 😊
@WGsohec practicing ~! Hbu sunbaenim? ><
@twchiraimomo96 I'm doing fine! Hbu? :3 how's your comeback? ;;
@soneunseo98 i'm still lazing around tho. Hbu?