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1 year today with little plebby and I honestly couldn't be any happier,I love you loads @jenna_hayward ❤️
@thetimes @SamCoatesTimes An officer died protecting people like you. Show some respect. If you could do better, then bloody well join up 😡
Hi @Pret if you need work doing, you should pay staff to do it. https://t.co/d62gZtDVj7
My bro, kwe leaving😭 see you after 2 weeks😁☺️
RT @RainzJhones: Lab lab you Mga Idol Hayward is real #MMKMaymay Keep Smiling Edward
@JorqueRasul Hayward gelince kalmaz her halde :S
Lab lab you Mga Idol Hayward is real #MMKMaymay Keep Smiling Edward
@No1GhostDog @WMPDogs Very contended dog 💕 Look forward to more pics of #puppyday later!
My order was damaged when I received it. What do I need to do to get a replacement unit? 2016 GMC Savana 2500 (Hayward) $58995 @DeskTweets
We're #hiring! Read about our latest #job opening here: Senior Program Manager - https://t.co/g1T1lmBpHw #SkilledTrade #Hayward, California
@SeemaChandwani as disrespectful. Argument is obtuse as assumes ppl will have automatic respect for authority of position. They don't. 2/2
@SeemaChandwani you can't impose respect for leadership. And now, pointing out the logical flaws of an argument really shouldn't be seen 1/2
Basic human respect shouldn't be earned. Respect for authority/leadership absolutely must be. & Leaders shd have to… https://t.co/d5uKJjhyiM
And it's always going to be select few. Parliament is a representative democracy. That's not inherently elitist. 2/2 https://t.co/Yc5JYFoLfL
That's quite obtuse. The leader needs to be a PM in waiting & if they can't command respect of parli party they can… https://t.co/vzGesobIlY