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And I was right. They just added all of Kyrie and Hayward’s counting stats to last seasons lineup. That’s two Kyrie btw and it’s all true
RT @Sixringofsteel: Just wait until Kyrie and Hayward come back
RT @EmilyyyTeee: Michaela Joy Garecht, 9, was abducted from the front of a store in Hayward, California, on 19 November, 1988, by a… https://t.co/vFUoJ35QZH
RT @Norlaine: So, Jason Kenney set up a "hitlist" of NDP staffers. Many not actually staffers, but supporters. Does this not ala… https://t.co/5OlRCSupX7
RT @kyallNDP: John Carpay’s role in the UCP makes sense now. Why would someone who brags with glee about denying people’s right… https://t.co/AybPSQ6UJ8
RT @2ndNewMoon: @Tracking_Power @OPCW @SellaTheChemist @Tim_Hayward_ @PiersRobinson1 @F1onaHill 2// Ake Sellstrom was officially l… https://t.co/tjEMyN89pY
RT @2ndNewMoon: @Tracking_Power @OPCW @SellaTheChemist @Tim_Hayward_ @PiersRobinson1 @F1onaHill OPCW is or more correctly, was a fa… https://t.co/XqwGP1IXwJ
RT @AndersonBooz: @charlesadler Weird that the rule of law doesn't count when it's the courts deciding pipeline consultation wasn't g… https://t.co/OpPlNuHQjI
RT @2ndNewMoon: UN Head of Mission's interviews & statements, didn't gain favour in Den Haag and proto-Bellingcat were cut-outs who… https://t.co/ayqcjCU97r
@reemzstyle @joshway__ Gordon Hayward finna come round Brad Stevens need to let that relationship go That dude nee… https://t.co/exku4iE8SA
RT @CUAA_MHockey: Tied 1-1 after 20 minutes. Winter from Christians and Hayward score crashing the net.
- Paying Hayward 130Ms to average 10 pts - Kyrie leaving - AD has zero interest in playing/signing there - Best de… https://t.co/XSfLr7fk4N
RT @SurfingQLD: Here's your #MondayMindSurf! Photo: Dan Hayward #sqld #surf #surfing #qld #queensland #noosa #sunshinecoast… https://t.co/XOAKziN1NA
@TreyAdell @dgsmithward He kind of is... he can’t move like he used to, is a defensive liability, and plays like 20… https://t.co/1tWIZN8kE7
@thabonafidetr @joshway__ Gordon Hayward is currently the worst player getting regular minutes for any top 6 team i… https://t.co/Jb159fHZZ6
@reemzstyle @joshway__ And CLETICS ADDED HAYWARD AND KYRIE 😂😂😂😂
“Gordon Hayward should be revered by Jazz fans.” https://t.co/7MOyoD9SjP
RT @Thomas_Binder: @Tim_Hayward_ The 'work plan' did not start with neoliberalism. It is humanity's core principle. The most famous mo… https://t.co/65Co5JeSXk
Investigators Treating Small Plane Fatal Crash On Mount Diablo #California As Crime Scene 1000ft below the pe… https://t.co/JP3lxLjda9
RT @Zimrico: "Democrats would have to impoverish, imprison, and kill a staggering number of Americans to impose the GND. Anyone… https://t.co/xNDm25fCFe
RT @savageceltics: This team has 3 team players... there names are Marcus Smart Al Horford and Gordon Hayward....try to convince me otherwise