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@111Radharani @Sharicababies haye main q thak jaungi😣itne dino baad meri bae coming ghar toh sajna toh banti hain😍main toh parlour jaungi😌
@BeingSalmanKhan Mai tera haye re jabra fan ho gya O tujhe dekhte e ❤ mai dhan te nan ho gya Mai tera haye re jabra… https://t.co/Dy2jLrRZOq
-, # 'HaaTh PaKRRa, BaaT KaHi, Or HaNS PaRRi,,* - KHaaN_G - 'AiK DaM sE TeeN JHaTKy, AayE HaYe..* BY; ,' ,' ',,,A_BaSiT...*
Omg she looks so young here! Haye! Shivani grown up so much!! ❤️❤️🔥 #JNDSD https://t.co/1sNbVvfddL
#PlotForSale Looking to build your own home? Off Ball Haye Green, Leek is for sale https://t.co/bEnW8fj94Hhttps://t.co/m9HnoT15FA
RT @bbchausa: MFM ta haye teburin Firmiyar Nigeria https://t.co/y3QGm58DpM
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/SBmMPWUADZ David Haye vs Tony Bellew - Post Fight Analysis - Well Done Bomber!!!!!
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/esfMNAAJBs David Haye Vs Tony Bellew - Pre-Fight Prediction and Analysis
4TH_TEST MATCH AUSvIND DAY1 AUS_74/1 OVER 15. Warner_26* Smith_43* _ #ABDul_HaYe
@Ridz_Ewan aku ada format ..buku manual
Yar ap ye apny andar ki nani amma kahan sy le aati ho? #aye #haye https://t.co/0yBQTPoDTf
4th_Test_Match AUS_v_IND DaY_1 AUS_38/1 Overs_7.1 S_Smith_12* D_Warner_21* U Jadav 4----- + #ABDul_HaYe
4th_Test_Match AUS_v_IND DaY_1 AUS_30/1 Overs_6.1 S_Smith_8* D_Warner_17* B Kumar 4lb----- + #ABDul_HaYe
4th Test INDvAuS Day 1 AUS 21/1 5 Warner 15* Smith 5* Renshaw 1 + #ABDul_HaYe
4th_Test_Match AUS_v_IND DaY_1 AUS_21/1 Overs_5 S_Smith_5* D_Warner_15* B Kumar 0-0-2-2-0-0 + #ABDul_HaYe
RT @DilliDurAst: Tayyab Ali pyar ka dushman haye haye https://t.co/Wz04Ru42b6
RT @issacharoff: Hamas blames "The collaborators of the occupation" in the killing of Mazdn Fukaha. Khalil Al Haye blames Israel for being responsible
Veganism grows by 360 per cent in Britain https://t.co/6QlJ9BKX2h
RT @vegan: It definitely feels the like popularity of veganism is increasing quicker than ever. https://t.co/MNQfof7RZR
@utau_gyuhwa .Haye.madam. Your English language not so understand to me but I don't know that how are you i respect to you islam teaches it
Haye when I have to delete shit on my phone to make room for new stuff...I'm such a horder 😂