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NBA Rumors: Atlanta Hawks trading for Rudy Gay? https://t.co/IpNEBfChEi #GAY #NEWS #GLBT
RT @WaxahachieNews: Three wins in two days has the No. 25 Red Oak Lady Hawks positioned for a Saturday afternoon showdown with No. 6... https://t.co/09FFjoU9YK
RT @padanesi1: From yesterday's Super Bowl win. Sometimes you get photos perfectly in sync with each other. Great win for a GREA… https://t.co/jCWkVyw1EZ
I'm excited to see @Seahawks 7-3-1 vs @Panthers 4-7 at the Klink! Hawks fighting for bye, Panthers for respect. Interesting! #NFLSunday
RT @MarkLazerus: The #Blackhawks broke Eric Semborski's heart in 2010. "That's all forgotten. I'm a Hawks fan today." His story:… https://t.co/UrkqvGg4EF
and time in the battle slips by for the dove    for whom war hawks fly...
RT @mosharrafzaidi: India being let down by out-of-control hawks. India is better than this. Hope good folk in India hold their leaders… https://t.co/3DzSerGY2N
@URALiebermaniac @ZachLowe_NBA according to bball-ref's ratings the hawks are 27th on offense and 3rd on defense. https://t.co/xQpRYMThoi
@ksy_hawks ありがとうございます!!観させて頂きました(*´ω`*) おやすみなさいです😴🌃
It's a VWHawks #Gameday! Hawks travel to Coquitlam to close out the 1st half of the season ⏰ 1045 📍 Poirier Arena 🖥 https://t.co/jRHMhCyQlr
#Sports #Basketball 1995 STEVE SMITH KENNER STARTING LINEUP SLU ATLANTA #Hawks #Bestseller #Buy https://t.co/255qnCxjcW
Bwahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaha GO HAWKS! https://t.co/CE72bKKYst
RT @TheUndefeated: .@ATLHawks guard @ThaboSefolosha talks to us about his police brutality, racism his family fought, 🇺🇸 & more. https://t.co/hQBf2Eae0u
@m78_n99 megさんも昨日は岩嵜投手に会えて良かったですね❗️😄羨ましいです😆😆 あとたくさんのいいね👍ありがとうございます! おやすみなさ〜〜い😌😌
東京か千葉でホークスのトークショーとかやらないかなー やってほしいなー やらないか……:(´◦ω◦`):ガクブル
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/HJCK7e8WfS Ace Combat 7 - PlayStation Experience 2016 Trailer | PS4, PSVR
Trump is a ways too dumb to know how to start a war. He has to be advised and guided by those old war hawks in Congress.
@ksy_hawks いえいえ~こちらこそありがとうございます✌🏻️ 楽しみました😽💫
RT @mitsubishistv90: 現在、留萌本線、増毛発、最終列車乗車しているが、途中鹿と衝突した。 https://t.co/i7LQNb9Iaf
Hawks Reassign Schmaltz; Call Up Goalie Johansson https://t.co/X3rDded0Lu https://t.co/vKH5Pdi3y8