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@RLGriffinGWS My prediction: The veterans will drop off and become ineffectual and the Hawks will start to slide down the ladder
Hawks in big trouble here
RT @Tenryu_Dragons: @TetsutoKawakaze 魚雷を喰らえ、えいえいえいえい! https://t.co/AjJX5nD3tH
RT @westernbulldogs: Dogs & Hawks natural enemies. Who knew? https://t.co/O9XifBATka
なんか … なんていうか …
Hawks game plan always just seems to be to get the other team mad and try to fight lol
RT @IntegrityUnit: Huh, Hawks getting into a brawl at half time. That's out of character.
Hawks are WORRIED starting to show hahaha #AFLFinals
Good comeback from the Dogs. Hawks need to regain the ascendancy in the midfield and create more scoring opportunities. Need a big 3rd qtr!
shit shit shit Half time Hawks only 1 point in front the game
RT @worldonalert: #Latakia: #Afghan Liwa Fatemiyoun militias and #Assad "Desert Hawks" preparing new offensive in Northern #Latakia. https://t.co/63SZeMmnvV
Dickson with another costly miss. He has three behinds. Hawks up by 1 point at HT. LIVE: https://t.co/0SdSoSP8gb #AFLHawksDogs
Hawks are the real dogs #AFLHawksDogs
@AFL @HawthornFC @westernbulldogs every match with the Hawks has melee. What does that tell you?
#AFLHawksDogs All in and there is some heat in the game Hawks by 1...
Hawks maybe up but they are getting dominated #AFLHawksDogs
Don't mess Tom Boyds hair hawks #SlickBack #AFLHawksDogs #AFLFinals
Good to see someone take it up to the Hawks, been fuckin bullying teams for years. #AFLHawksDogs
Hawks can't stand being challenged. The pride before the fall. #AFLHawksDogs
Dream Big, Doggies. Good finish to half. Bring that to the second half and its bye bye Hawks.
Hawks defenders spending more time ribbing Dogs players for missing than winning the ball. How about they get a kick? #AFLHawksDogs