Tweets about a recent trend: Havers

The fact that some people are entertaining the thought that Cruz' facial hair even qualifies as a beard is laughabl… https://t.co/JQSQliM3js
RT @osheaffs: @somiscellany @ystriyahysteria More like 2018: bleeders, cervix havers, menstruators, chest feeders, womxn.
to all the rappy havers
Menstruators. Chest feeders. Cervix Havers. Bleeders. Ciswomen. Anything else. Oh, but trans women are women. https://t.co/Vo3FDrzSJf
This month's FM Spotlight 💡 is dedicated to Chris Havers, Project Director of the Sustainable FM index. Read the fu… https://t.co/4X5aZ693ZS
Here they come (PS: dans les pays anglophones, au nom de la sacro-sainte “inclusivité”, les associations désignent… https://t.co/IQJoTxDhYa
RT @CultureBGender: Why is it that the word "women" can never be spoken about female biology -- we're "menstruators," "bleeders," "uter… https://t.co/rmOrA8MVb6
Out on patrol in #Epsom town with PC Havers. We're looking out for pick pockets or shoplifters so that our local pe… https://t.co/vH7xHC8FSe
@PrideinSTEM If you support those who think lesbians need to "get over" their aversion to having sex with penis-hav… https://t.co/ch3fytauhF
#bigmouth provides a much-needed lens into the world of puberty. Finally an honest depiction of how boys become per… https://t.co/t3NxB3ZzmC
@adammeggido Is that because she’s stressed and looking like Nigel Havers, or because you’re stressed and you’re se… https://t.co/LEf48Quiv1
@SafiyaOutlines @sarahstuartxx This is my particular issue too. It's like the cervix-havers. Don't try to be inclus… https://t.co/gSOzVU90oz
Stress does strange things to a person. Has anyone else noticed that Theresa May is starting to look like Nigel Havers?
Okay good night pee drinkers and four nipple havers
RT @ciabaudo: MICHAEL HAVERS (9) The Hart inquiry into Kincora, lauded by Barbara Hewson, was a whitewash but by no means the fir… https://t.co/i4ator7O8m
RT @ciabaudo: MICHAEL HAVERS (10) Indeed, Michael Havers seems to have been the unchallenged King of Coverup. Hardly surprising h… https://t.co/JvF6cWizSG
RT @ciabaudo: MICHAEL HAVERS (11) Is obscene material in a sealed envelope less obscene than obscene material in an open envelope… https://t.co/tQYOJ2SB7H
RT @ciabaudo: MICHAEL HAVERS (12) Interestingly, another person who jumped to the defence of Peter Hayman and criticised Geoffrey… https://t.co/P8pUZCkXCD
Why do y'all vagina-havers get decoy corpse cells and all us penis-havers get is a meat balloon with a system reset… https://t.co/7mdFu39v5b
#Freebie! Follow, Fav & Retweet & you can win a Nigel Havers sponk-wafting Grated Moustache Jacket At 100K follows https://t.co/XNQhQ3vjh5
Breast-havers make us strong.
John Grant concert starting to approach the capacity limit as we await his appearance. Increased percentage of Denv… https://t.co/90ZnJmQWua
@AndrewDoxy @Dezdrew Wait aren’t you guys missing a notable someone in this group of good take havers??