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RT @you_like_TOP: Here's BIGBANG triggering Dara haters: ✔️ MOTTE in Manila special guest ✔️ Daesung invited her in Igija Festival… https://t.co/uBYnT1b1ce
RT @InSRKsHEART: Keep reporting the increasing fake accounts about #Zero . It will get them locked by Twitter for the time the film… https://t.co/ape38aSc5P
RT @rterranz: When she removed her sash, it’s like she told the world that this isn’t her fight as Ms. Spain anymore, it’s her fi… https://t.co/5wrPyjhwVe
RT @TinaMar54287286: @RagingGayCons Bump stocks ban was unfortunate but hopefully w/appease the uninformed long enough 4 swamp 2 b drain… https://t.co/bmpKVmTTLK
RT @aishnalagra: Haters ka popat hua Dipika defending Sree not nominated sree Real face kiska dikha ?? Aankhe ho tho epi dekh… https://t.co/flvQyso9fi
Sad sick democratic haters. Your hating on Trump. Show some love please. This man is a great guy doing a good job f… https://t.co/2LYaMoYZLn
RT @pouysiann: you bitches be fuckin weirdos!!! like maddddd haters for what?? Lol
@HerdHUSH all i see is it might take different brains and hearts to understand these contestants.. no doubt sree i… https://t.co/Dzn9Z5XdR1
RT @DipikaKakar_TM: @Shoaib_Ibrahim1 Not only two minutes... Life Time Silent For Haters
RT @KarJonJoshane: Haters: kawawa naman BF Me: kung naaawa kayo dun puntahan niyo sa Isabela dun niyo iyakan o Jowain niyo para suma… https://t.co/cW0mbiToIH
RT @nadarrept: " mAkin gA ReSpEcT sama fAndOM itu " " kAlo kITA tErkenAL jANGaN KAya meREkA ya " " fAnDom iTU LaGI " bacot lo. cum… https://t.co/PntxtkFBEi
@IvankaTrump LOL @ all the haters.....
RT @MyselfSam_: @Shoaib_Ibrahim1 And a tight slap on haters face . Isiliye log kehte h bolne se pehle 10 Baar sochna chahiye beco… https://t.co/O8MjLLPJyF
RT @Acrawford66: To all the Notre Dame football haters out there #GoIrish @BarstoolChief https://t.co/iejUS97kgp
Got all my social media public so the fans & haters won’t kill theyself tryna look 😫
haters tryna knock me but they can’t knock me off the hinges
RT @abhinavannayadu: #SurbhiRana 's supporters nd haters reaction after her reaching in finale. @ColorsTV @BiggBoss @EndemolShineIND… https://t.co/bVUk28D3f7
RT @HerdHUSH: Sreesanth doesn't Hide his aggression He doesn't Hide his affection Therefore he is a reason for our admiration… https://t.co/JWvyGrZQQS
@MichelleMushtq @OfficialMahamz No matter how many haters are there,Surbhi is always there to shut them up😎 my NARB… https://t.co/aWC2N7U7GX
Haters gon hate. Ik I'm disgusting but 😍😍😍 https://t.co/RjLMHnLCFY
Haters have always anything to say anyway https://t.co/x3ArQ7TVIu
HATERS GONNA HATE CC. para ti, amiguito de Ezequiel Castro ☺️
@galpaodastwice realmente, kpop nn é musica é um gênero musical bjs haters
RT @sweetlikeari_g: @knnewagb she held that last one just for the haters