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The sluggard will not plow during the planting season, so at harvest time he looks for the crop but has nothing. Proverbs 20:4
RT @GregQuinn_TD: A case study in #TDeverBetterPlaces ... @TD_Canada Harvest Pointe Branch in Edmonton AB ... @robertghazal_TD… https://t.co/u7t3AYaoJe
Harvest from Wolverton allotments today! #Realfood #Natural #Fruit #Nochemicals @ Milton Keynes https://t.co/iI6AttQKEj
Harvest Snap peas are the key to my heart just fyi
RT @Seasons52: Mother Nature has set the date for our next big event: 9/26. https://t.co/08QiAaJykJ https://t.co/Gn8IUbgLtf
Harvest is starting, be aware of large farm machinery sharing the road.They can't always get off the road because… https://t.co/JQVNU3KRYQ
RT @Asgrow_DEKALB: If you must enter a grain bin this harvest, please make sure you follow these safety precautions:… https://t.co/5h8rSIpoty
RT @Freedom4Horses: @tundrawolfqueen @CSTribune @HumaneSociety Protect the Harvest is an anti-animal organization that attacks the Huma… https://t.co/C8orSf03fY
RT @rilsbeast: @dagelanRP gua tukeran harvest dah seneng gua wkwkw
RT @Cornfrmr: 19 years ago we lost my dad in a harvest/semi accident. Be care this harvest, it can happen to anyone...and all too fast.
Did you come visit us at the Tuscany Harvest Festival? Photo Booth Pics are now on the website! #YYC #yycvotehttps://t.co/fdij6K6Etx
Testing Marquette grapes for sugar. We are goo to go for harvest this weekend!! You can join us… https://t.co/RAF9El2J0r
@carolebfrank if it's man made material it's trash God provided natural materials now cheap to harvest by machine cotton wool etc...
RT @RArlinghausFish: First global assessment on how much recreational fish harvest contributes to nutrition, details in our latest publ.… https://t.co/blFLawUY9v
RT @sayedsalahuddin: It is grapes harvest season again in Afghanistan. Courtesy Akbar Jahid https://t.co/NlJsXrs6Sx
RT @KentGreenHop: Kent Green Hop Fortnights starts THIS FRIDAY. Join in to celebrate the Hop Harvest 2017 https://t.co/V1wAUgknGr https://t.co/3813Gn4id5
RT @OldOakCentre: This looks fun! @BubbleSqueakEat Harvest Tea Party for older people at Old Oak Primary School https://t.co/uO1cbZjLjF
White Artificial Pumpkins Harvest Halloween 7 Assorted Pumpkin https://t.co/JY4j6P6hPs
Tomorrow is our Fall Harvest Event. Please join us 👍 @ Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School https://t.co/Z6UXqtEOpH
@jcase cool had to look up fireweed of course but seems like it will be interesting..when do you harvest? :)
WLOX: MS oyster harvest slashed to just 10,000 sacks https://t.co/5Lm8abaaw0
@UMNews hemp harvest: can this superfood be the next big cash crop in MN? Watch WED, @FOX9 https://t.co/9Sb2yxFQ3W