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RT @makaylastumpe: I don't even try to look cute for school anymore. I just try to make it on time.
Calgary Flames fire head coach Bob Hartley #CalgaryFlames... https://t.co/oZRQoy1iJS #CalgaryFlames
RT @faveship: cisco and hartley - the flash https://t.co/rwyL0pcfuf
RT @MattHartley24: Looking for a team. 7'0 Centre GC, good post play & D. U.K. Player on Ps4. Gtag Hartley 24. Hit me up #2kfreeagent
I've had a pounding headache since Friday and I am so close to ripping my own head off and throwing it in the bin 🙅🏼🙅🏼🙅🏼
RT @taaayy3: someone plz come kidnap me and I'll pay you with compliments and humor
RT @DaganLampkin: i'm just tryna find a reason not to go out every weekend
RT @05Carolynn: It blows my mind ppl are actually voting for Hillary. She's KILLED people?! WAKE UP.
RT @kenzie_miner: I wanna meet somebody like me
RT @Katey_40: Update on Mr. Thompson's excitement. https://t.co/MvvTQtmP1Q
RT @LexiHayes22: All I need is money and tattoos
Catching up with #beyondsports college athletes, Dakota Reid, Tahje Hartley, and Elcee Burke at… https://t.co/ZgiqsTMs5W
RT @TVLine: #TWD's @steveyeun Weighs In on 'Gnarly' Premiere Twist https://t.co/RNvrfWU5FI
RT @_christyshep: "U better not have gotten makeup on my top" https://t.co/lR6TBEYETQ
RT @morganmcconnn: Why does yer mirror, front camera, back camera make ye look so different in every wan??? Wit wan is the real me
Marcus haber eh The lad that was deemed no better than we currently have. So they sign him, "Hartley is panicking" 👇⚰️😂😂💩💩
I hiked in Duluth's newly reopened Hartley Park last week. Thx volunteers for all your work to restore the trails. https://t.co/U97b6JCfXu
90+3 Chorley Sub Carver OFF Hartley ON
90+ Sub - Carver OFF Hartley ON
RT @TheLarkhallArab: Anyone know where I can buy a dark blue coffin and a Paul Hartley mask? Asking for a friend