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@bhogleharsha Sir den who uses ur @Quora because I read many of your ans and it shows u have a verified account too. https://t.co/GeATFJIkOJ
Harsha Bhogle on Ashwin playing TNPL straight after going to Chennai
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Change doesn't always mean progress, but the status quo isn't always the best result either. #HarshaBhogle #quotes https://t.co/ggt3rf1i8u
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Retweeted Harsha Bhogle (@bhogleharsha): The performance of the political class with respect to our sports stars... https://t.co/1SSsbYYsXk
"Cuando pones una fecha a tus sueños, estos se convierten en propósitos" (Harsha Bhogle)
RT @raghavsachar: Ravi Shashtri you were indeed missed. Welcome back to your warzone- the commentary booth. You & Harsha Bhogle are the ultimate warriors.
is reading "The Winning Way - Learnings From Sport For Managers" by Anita Bhogle~ Harsha Bhogle on @kwenchEngage
@v4viraj @sardesairajdeep @IndiaToday he will surely do a harsha bhogle.. But then who will do prime time news?
RT @KCHerbel: The moment you put a deadline on your dream, it becomes a goal. Harsha Bhogle #amwriting #amwritingfantasy #amwritingscifi #FSFNet
One of the reasons you study at great institutions or aspire to work in great corporations is #HarshaBhogle #quotes https://t.co/o61FUQ9meU
Best and worst: Harsha Bhogle axed from IPL commentary,... https://t.co/2VCL7sw9pq #CristianoRonaldo #RealMadrid
RT @Vic_Speak: "The moment you put a deadline on your dream,it becomes a goal." - Harsha Bhogle
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Cricket cannot afford to throw up meaningless games before its benefactors, which is what spe #HarshaBhogle #quotes https://t.co/rM35PKueZl
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Harsha Bhogle hit for a six by Sehwag https://t.co/29KccuktqD
RT @Vic_Speak: "The moment you put a deadline on your dream,it becomes a goal." - Harsha Bhogle
RT @Vic_Speak: "The moment you put a deadline on your dream,it becomes a goal." - Harsha Bhogle
Like an author, a cricketer signs his name on every innings he bats or bowls in; indeed for e #HarshaBhogle #quotes https://t.co/9WmwH9bkpL
Harsha Bhogle: 490 runs in 40 overs and a bowler wins it!:
 https://t.co/CYxpFhAuxL #MumbaiInsider #InsiderTweets https://t.co/ZES6pL98pY