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RT @AndrewGillum: Too many Floridians are literally too poor to get sick. Too many Floridians are choosing between paying the doctor’… https://t.co/uKCDlG8vnK
RT @andreabakes: The lost 🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎 of New Jersey are found! They’ll be making George Washington’s favorite Cider again! #VoteBlueNJ💙2… https://t.co/O8NfnZOaoU
RT @enews: Ariana and Pete aren't "100% split but things are very up in the air." https://t.co/X3IwUuNXM1 https://t.co/As1VoWpGh6
Cool! -> Someone Used a Deep Learning AI to Perfectly Insert Harrison Ford Into <i>Solo: A Star Wars Story</i>… https://t.co/p2VPnXwIUX
´Solo: A #StarWars Story´ met gezicht Harrison Ford! https://t.co/E0xsjf4cmy Het was voor vele fans wel even schrik… https://t.co/YYKbMWWOuM
RT @TheIntervalNY: "More and more theatres are asking for plays from specific cultural communities, and these communities are oftenti… https://t.co/9TTgEMRqt4
RT @York_Minster: The first batch of decorative pipes have reached Harrison & Harrison HQ in Durham. Check out photo three for the c… https://t.co/CW64pwHPxe
RT @CapitolRomance: Like an actual representation of the people of this country ... what a concept. https://t.co/SBCZFgjtgI
RT @Disembe: Case by @MboyaApollo against @KenyaPower; the company hires Hamilton Harrison & Mathews. Problem is, HHM MD also si… https://t.co/RroVnNxMV3
RT @Scott_Charlton: Former Cats NBA career highs: Booker - 70 AD - 59 KAT - 56 Boogie - 56 Wall - 52 Bledsoe - 41 Murray - 38 Knight -… https://t.co/MH5Gm0Iroo
RT @enews: All the Times Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Reminded Us That Love Still Exists https://t.co/Zjl5CIswVl
RT @lexis_ivan: Confíen en este señor, se queda y cumple con el proyecto de trabajo que le presentaron Harrison y Villar allá por a… https://t.co/FjYwruS298
RT @enews: We're blinded by Lady Gaga's $400,000 (no, that's not a typo) engagement ring. https://t.co/IXpHWEysve https://t.co/t3Qlg2OIKW
RT @RockWalkLondon: The Traveling Wilburys released their debut single “Handle With Care” 30 years ago today, 17th October 1988. Writte… https://t.co/vnWeDeUa83
@SeriesCrackdown I'd very much like to start the Hollows series by Kim Harrison - @BurningBunnies - but I didn't co… https://t.co/fX2G40Fm1a
RT @DrHelenGarr: I had a wonderful day at the Red Whale Lead, Manage, Thrive course today. Excellent presenters and really useful st… https://t.co/kSuxeaNXKX
RT @abadmelchor: El actor Harrison Ford lanzó un poderoso discurso en la reciente Cumbre contra el cambio climático: "¡Dejad de dar… https://t.co/vab77WSP9s
RT @MavsNationNet: Harrison Barnes hopes to return toe #Mavs' lineup Saturday vs. the #Timberwolves. https://t.co/SrbbUGzLr7
@iamnotfrench as to thinking another man handsome? more athletic? I've always found Harrison Ford to be handsome...
Prohibition was really hard on apple growers and we lost a lot since then. Finding Lost Apples and Reviving a Belov… https://t.co/V0V0AFC955
Billionaire Leon Cooperman explains how he ended up investing his personal money in pot stocks https://t.co/cjziecMkoi
@ProFootballTalk @LanceMcAlister Where was all this for James Harrison? Or better yet, Bill Romanowski who admitted… https://t.co/ZCvjyWhhNk