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@unicornofmine тебе тоже удачи 😙
Я потратила весь вечер и пол ночи на то, чтобы написать шпоры и все равно не дописала их
Боя, сейчас будет первый зачёт и мне это не нравится
RT @ViolinMick: Kit Harrington didn't steal my lighter tonight! I'd call that a profitable night at work
No one can predict his future. Start chasing your dreams today till you are able to do that! Check my info @ArmoredKori @lmh_harrington @mrl
Hungry Hungry Henry Herbert Harrington Hutchinson goes over after some great lead up work to even things up 7-7. @Aussie7s #dubai7s
RT @chrctraesthetic: Steve Harrington // Stranger Things https://t.co/nlolCAxN1Y
Want to go cinema ain't been in time!! 😭🙄
Drinking a Mirror Pond Pale Ale by @DeschutesBeer @ Harrington Park — https://t.co/siP7Vn44oq #photo
wota yg pake harrington, terus patunya adidas samba or something lyk that terus pake polo fred perry? itu mah hooligans anjg
@LeffInLaguna FUCKING Harrington omg I forgot about that. You didn't have Pennington or Henne tho, no way. Ugh, Culpeper, gross 😬
@yelwad I had them all, J. Trent Green, Culpepper, Harrington...its sad.
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RT @RubyBentall: https://t.co/qrGruCpXjJ #Richard Harrington as my dad, my boss's bf and my hubby.
@Vote_Harrington we love the I.E. 💙 if you come, don't wear a #maga shirt 😂🤘🏽
nathan harrington liked december 3, 2016 3:07 pm https://t.co/rpO3QEBj5l
@otepofficial no and my punk rock friends invited me to your last show here you should come back soon
David is finally home.
As stated @Vote_Harrington if it's to expose Trump & his boot-lickers, I'm all for it. U have no issue with her pointing out his hypocrisy?