Happy tweets about Republicans

@darreldrowland and Tim Kaine in Ohio! How fun :)
@KathyPizzol thinking out loud (that's dangerous lol) the latest movie: Die Hard Republican :-) Produced by the #BasketOfDeplorables
@LachlanYT wait really! I LIVE IN OHIO! :D DAYTON :D
@Political_B_S You make me proud to be a Republican :)
@PandaPonyKat @NihonTigerLP better than Michigan's sphincter :P Welcome to Northwest Ohio lady.
.@dattiljs who would have thought, a successful small business supporting a republican? :)
My buddy getting the ladies :) @ Tilted Kilt Canton Ohio https://t.co/QIVNK2SEGp
Ohio State wins by more than Michigan again :-)
Nachos!!!! :) @ Tilted Kilt Canton Ohio https://t.co/vu1N7fxlWz
Drinking that Purple Haze :) @ Tilted Kilt Canton Ohio https://t.co/3U11yGGi2O
I see @OU_Football is getting a tune up for Ohio State next week :)
@MarkBuran2 Might do it he's coaching a team against Ohio St; although at same time I'd also probably be rooting for a 82-0 O-State win. :D
@trixter She came into the safe space that is the Republican Party and just spewed her hateful, completely accurate rhetoric all over! :P
@TeamMystic_OHIO @TeamMysticPGO so anyone wen trading is in @PokemonGoApp who would trade me my Mr.Mimes for the other regions specials :)
RT @RomanAtwood: TONIGHT!! Show starts at 7pm Columbus OHIO let's go! Hometown takeover!! Team Roman! Door open at 6!! Come have some fun :)
RT @ellie32100: When your family is going to Ohio and your little sister thought you were going to Hawaii :)))
@ConnorFranta you should stop in ohio sometime soon :)
RT @KarenCFL23: @cocoverde18 @BarbMuenchen Republican / Florida with 3 family members voting Trump :)