Happy tweets about Republicans

@cher Cher? Damn you sound like a sane person. Next thing we will hear is you voted Republican! :)
@Justin_B3hanna4 @Woah_its_Nikesh @TrampaMusic Lol okay. Keep the Smirnoff Green Apple in Ohio and drink with me :)
@RealMuckmaker @RedTail3dHawk Hope it comes with a nice steaming glass of horse piss. We can call it a Republican H… https://t.co/eU73v3mU7x
RT @threadreaderapp: @Bjorkian15 Hallo the unroll you asked for: Thread by @SethAbramson: "(THREAD) CBS just spoke to the REPUBLICAN cha… https://t.co/ZH8hrbkN1G
( "A$$ Octopussy Communist" is as dumb as a brick :))) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Must Be a Republican Plant... Righ… https://t.co/ArvRR9Qf8F
@TY_Vets_Police @CarolEl45767159 @DonaldJTrumpJr Just an invitation to do your own research into which party are th… https://t.co/oYlPCW4KY9
@KevinMKruse Most of Ohio hates Skyline Chili lol :)
@equipment_ohio :/ at least u got in the theme park! :)
@AdelaineMorin adelaine, i would LOVE to be a part of this. i love and share your passion of supporting women of al… https://t.co/Ef1ryBI0Xr
@marsialynn86 Wow, when can they just tell the truth?! I mean there is no end to the lying. They will deny their R… https://t.co/wH4oO1yX3w
I'm going to see @TheMidnightLA in April in Columbus and I'm so excited. If you live in Ohio and want to meet up at… https://t.co/jf6abqkfk2
Come to Ohio :) — Is this who I think it is https://t.co/rSKjbmdJLZ
@paulenyg3 @Monica_DelRocio @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump I thought Trump wasn't on the ballot that time? (or are… https://t.co/Y25hKY8qkO
Shout out to the best parents ever for sending Jason and I a beer tasting gift for Valentine's day! Love them! I'm… https://t.co/ZuYV2FSbAC
@krassenstein Please Thank Trump! In a few years the Dems can declare a national Emergency for.....Gun laws, Climat… https://t.co/DN7NDMn9ix
@MyInfo24269521 @AOC Hillary Clinton won the Popular Vote by OVER 3 million votes.. That's a landslide!! LMAO!!!!!… https://t.co/Ro47FJfmVZ
@AOC is a Republican Plant. Destroying her own state.. :). It’s the ONLY possible reason for her .... no one can b… https://t.co/Ha5FpJo26i