Happy Thanksgiving

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@shellieboo364 Yes ma'am! When I come home for thanksgiving break less make that happen 😊
@hiiyaimrya Thanksgiving boo 👏🏼👏🏼 I'll get in LATE late that Thursday night and probably leave Monday or Tuesday 😍😍😍
RT @crypticbabe: halloween wya thanksgiving wya winter break wya new year wya
Fall break just ended but I'm already looking forward to Thanksgiving break
RT @LoveCheChe__: I'm just ready for thanksgiving...
RT @IGB_jay: I never understood why we get so dressed up for thanksgiving and don't go anywhere. Just walking around the kitchen fly as hell 😂😂
RT @ItsKash__: I love Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas & allat but not this weather 🚫
23 and a wake up until Thanksgiving break!
RT @jeiwasabi: anyway, guys! commissions are open! help me see my boyfriend on thanksgiving and keep some change in my pocket! DM… https://t.co/lVuzgrpG84
RT @SurfnSunshine: For your holiday dinner: Delicious Ways to Season and Stuff a #Thanksgiving #Turkey #ad https://t.co/OBVRsOP7kC… https://t.co/sR4l4LsyG9
I love Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas & allat but not this weather 🚫
RT @CasaLomaToronto: Happy #Thanksgiving from @CasaLomaToronto. The castle is open today until 5pm. Great family activity spending the d… https://t.co/K8ijLMk714
@pourboston are y'all open on Thanksgiving?
There is still time to get your tickets for the Thanksgiving Tournament. Contact us for more information.… https://t.co/7JCz537p50
@djuanez51 well it's better than opening on thanksgiving night😋
RT @Mike_Nkansah: Always knew this guy didn't like United. Man is dressed like he's going for a thanksgiving service. https://t.co/fv9BMk5cfN
RT @Maya_Michelle42: I need a break from college😂 I'm really looking forward to this Thanksgiving and Christmas break 😊
RT @TAYLORRELIZ: thanksgiving and Christmas break wya?
RT @ECUProfessor: Thanksgiving is one month from today! 🦃
My brother asked me when I'm coming home because he misses me and I told him thanksgiving but I'm really surprising my whole fam tomorrow 😏😏
RT @catcochesa: Let's drink to that! @moneywisetvph thanksgiving party/ @ChristineBBabao advnce bday party. 😊 #ALDUBEndearment https://t.co/65JTvBlx0d
RT @shtwd13: #2MonthsTillXMasAnd let's celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving first https://t.co/u9KxDKqVRc
RT @InstantTurnOn: i luvvvv halloween & thanksgiving & christmas, i just luv this time of year & its even better when u have someone to spend it with