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"You thought I brought you here for sex?" ~ ABERRANT #New #Novel by @DouglasWickard Labor Day 2015
Happy #MLKDay I wish that MLK Day was treated like Labor Day. I… https://t.co/93OoVfzmwA
5 Cool Apps for Your Labor Day Weekend https://t.co/IrUof9fIXL #oldpost
RT @KimKierkegaard: I can get away with white after labor day because I balance it with the confused darkness of my soul
Labor Day: An Art Film, Nice Mood Piece https://t.co/dAa1ljrjq5 via @wordpressdotcom
RT @smalltalkdan: FLASH: In response to the controversy over renaming MLK Day "Great Americans Day," Biloxi has renamed Labor Day to "Stepin Fetchit Day."
RT @RobertDowneyJr: Happy Labor Day! May everything you do be a labor of love. https://t.co/IleVySb0qS
RT @MissKelli67: Sayin something because I haven't been on twitter in forever. Happy labor day
The new president trump should end schools in middle of may and start back after Labor Day would help economy in resort areas of USA
RT @QuotesMixx: " لا شيء يضلل الناس مثل الحقيقة !" فيلم : (Labor Day( https://t.co/2PUGx9mhZu
@nikeeiii @DorothyHelena_ Sagada/Kalinga ako for Labor Day hehe when else?
DJ Mike Cee - DJ Mike Cee Present Labor Day Mixoff
@TheBreyKeys MLK and Labor Day were added when we got our raise but one of these holidays starts next year. Can't remember which
Sep 3 - Labor Day Palm Springs Film Fest: 'Toni Erdmann' Named Best Foreign-Language Film; 'When We Rise' Wins… https://t.co/5mHOBdrC9j
君が心のすべてを 受け入れたら もう怖い物はないさ Nobody's perfect 右と左 究極の バランスで魅せる That's so Extreme! Extreme Dreams Extreme Dreame/Labor Day
Types as regards labor day reps: yzWsvKuX https://t.co/DOA4UyXTdp
RT @POTUS: Happy Labor Day - longest streak of job growth ever, unemployment cut in half. That's what hardworking Americans can do. Let's keep going!