Happy Holidays

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RT @TysonFromABQ: Having to explain to my Uncle that saying "Happy Holidays" is not declaring war on Christmas. #TheWorstThingAboutTheHolidays @mansizedthumbs
RT @CafeSFG: Looks like the Holidays came early for us. 🎄 https://t.co/rDyfhWMwIN
Holidays x Homies. Dec. 17.
#HolidayHealthTip: prevent stress/depression, especially if holidays have had an emotional toll on U https://t.co/aeNusQcAV2
RT @krisstraub: black lives matter “actually ALL lives matter” ok. happy holidays “NO. MERRY CHRISTMAS ONLY”
@08elinor college is tough!!! but im v excited for christmas break and the holidays!! how are you hon❤️❤️❤️
Five Steps to Have Your Your Blog and Business Run Without You Over The Holidays https://t.co/diFp3AjWuS
RT @pinterventures: Enter the $200 Happy Holidays Cash Giveaway! Worldwide, except where prohibited/noted. 18yrs+ #giveaway #cash #win… https://t.co/WT08VykaY8
RT @genkiboyss: happy holidays from your favourite canadian 🍁🍁🍁 I'M HAPPY I FINISHED THIS EARLY HAHA #YuriOnIce https://t.co/FvJMxrnAAW
RT @krisstraub: black lives matter “actually ALL lives matter” ok. happy holidays “NO. MERRY CHRISTMAS ONLY”
RT @david8hughes: If someone says "happy holidays" to you this year remind them that they are in America & there is no such thing as happiness.
Seriously: There's no place like the Schmichaels home for the holidays.
Holidays are special times for writers ;o gather with their families & write down crazy shit thpy say to put in a novel.
RT @HHMommyOrdeals: Heading home for the holidays? Don't miss out on my travel bag must haves! #TameTummyTrouble #ad… https://t.co/dbU0sirM5V
Happy Holidays !
RT @MannyMua733: I love the holidays! I wanna decorate a tree and some cookies 😍 and by decorate I mean watch someone else do it WOO!
RT @Barryathree: @johnlequesne enjoy the west coast and holidays...
RT @JoshOG: Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Duckmas! Giving away a BEAST PC because it's December, and I'm #SantaOG! 🎅🏻🎄… https://t.co/vdYCz4TfiQ
RT @LorelaisLife: WIN a $5K TRIP to Napa Valley. https://t.co/lN7NmAWUVQ Eat cheese and Celebrate holidays! #StellaCheeses AD… https://t.co/nAf586SaW0