Happy Hanukkah

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RT @tacoworu: Pidge in Hanukkah sweaters: a study https://t.co/PZT0263LEl
@richarddeitsch This is like the first night of hanukkah. Thank you for this RT.
Women's Jewish Hanukkah Blue HOIDAY 3D Print Ankle Length Leggings https://t.co/6Q6hYj9VVn
Bar Mitzvah gift Bat Mitzvah Hanukkah gift Magen David earrings by yaffa https://t.co/iTdIMhmEqa via @Etsy
Looks like we may be getting a Hanukkah bush this year, given the holiday starts on the night of December the 24th.
#Hanukkah recipes complete with categories tips and methods and cooking tipshttp://goo.gl/82U4I
i have an essay to write tomorrow but all i will be able to think about is hanukkah
We hv 6000+ Warriors but need 200,000 more to surround #Pentagon for 50th anniversary of #exorcism... October 2017 https://t.co/ZPfpNc37mW
anyway hanukkah is coming up in a couple months what do you guys want