Happy Groundhog Day

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Using Sugar Ray's "Every Morning" as our alarm clock was funny at first....Now it feels like Groundhog Day.
RT @RiepTide1999: Terminator 2: Groundhog Day #90sMovieMashup
Flashback Friday to Groundhog Day! We wrote about having a second chance to do something over. #jmiknightshttps://t.co/HW3f1APTwG
@RichardRubinDC we've reached the Groundhog Day stage!
@andyjb8 @georgegalloway @TheBlairDoc those people hav been stuck in groundhog day..one of war and suffering..Blair must b held to account.
'One Week Friends': Groundhog day in the 'friend zone' | The Japan Times https://t.co/3O0DlVqRqw
Wait for next - "Advisory" Election. Fanatic Blair's Groundhog Day- A Referendum a week until He/God agrees with Re… https://t.co/IjCff3vK22
@NcW_83 Groundhog Day at work hasn't helped I think. Coffee and cake today to push away the blues.
RT @Hogan80Hogan: I feel like I'm an unpaid extra in a horror movie loosely based on "Groundhog Day" and "Reservoir Dogs".
Having a broken ankle is like the movie "Groundhog Day", except I can't move. The going insane part is exactly the same.
@JoeNBC @Morning_Joe GROUNDHOG DAY!! I'm not living by their rules anymore. I can do whatever I want. Drive car on RAILROAD TRACKS. Swerve!
RT @kerrywcampbell: If this was the movie Groundhog day and I was the Bill Murray character, today would be the day I kidnap the groundhog, drive us to our doom
RT @PirateLindsey: Was anyone else's childhood overstuffed with history and facts about Groundhog Day or was that just because I lived in Pennsylvania?
@wombattree It's always Groundhog Day 😂
RT @lunamoth: Groundhog Day - Every Day in One Day - YouTube https://t.co/95G9xBZ1cr // 사랑의 블랙홀 분할화면 동시보기 아이디어 좋군요 다른 타임루프 https://t.co/DXyKkAIcPQ 물도 제작
Watching @Acosta question @POTUS is like watching the movie Groundhog Day~just do it over and over Jim.... @CNN Really Fake News !
man i really want to watch groundhog day.
RT @comadad: #LondonBusWatch 1:38 @AbellioRailBus MD admits he doesn't how many people its buses have killed… https://t.co/PMRYxhUCmu
RT @GameWorks: Oh NO! Are you ready for 6 more weeks of Winter? https://t.co/OAj6FsdJrg #GameWorks #arcade #videogames #familyfun… https://t.co/5KIwzXWbVz
RT @comadad: #LondonBusWatch 1:38 @AbellioRailBus MD admits he doesn't how many people its buses have killed… https://t.co/PMRYxhUCmu
@jnjoiner bruh. Your life is already black 21st C. Groundhog Day.
RT @TheBrianRowe93: Every season must be like Groundhog Day for Arsenal fans! The same thing happens every single year without fail!