Happy CNY

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Wonderful Monday, everyone ready for CNY 2017? https://t.co/gA0F6qk2Qr
@lizthegrey :D 春节 (lit. Spring Festival) also omfg Google Translate turns it into CNY. o_o;;;;
@mhdkhir cny ni balik johor bro. next wknd pun ada hal. Tapi weekdays lepas kerja free je. Nak tunggu kau habis jogging pun boleh 😀
oh my skaarf u look like the nian from cny legend story. https://t.co/3mxgoTFyQL
Ringan kepala final dah setel, maka bolehlah layan puas2 trip stong CNY ni 🏕🏞
Can't believe cny is on the weekend
Sekinchan jum CNY ni.
Nk kena tunggu cny baru gaji. Lama nya
RT @thejianhaotan: RT! New video: EASY SOLUTIONS TO YOUR CNY PROBLEMS https://t.co/2VAthHn0tX
This week will be a super busy week for us.We will be churning out a lot of CNY cupcakes and cakes.May the force... https://t.co/uw0blxZL0Y
please don't rain during CNY, otherwise how i wear my shoessss
Happy moments at our annual CNY Dinner 2017. Thank you to all our staff and Friends, wishing you and your... https://t.co/3b3q0KdkCL
I should return my dad his $42 first, he can give me after CNY if he wants to tb 😂😂😂
CNY is almost here. Are your roosters and ingots done? Pls share some photos here.... https://t.co/miJFuveSeE
Gong Xi Fa Cai! We are enjoying a spectacular CNY Assembly https://t.co/vYOr14efW2
tapi kan nak tunggu sales cny lah, tah tah ada less 90% ,menangis tepi bucu
PBOC sets USD/CNY at 6.8572 vs 6.8693 https://t.co/2tdgkbtjBg
wadehek tiket ke temerloh cny dah habissssss
Hari ini last pengeposan by poslaju sebelum cuti panjang sempena Sambutan Tahun bari Cina #CNYhttps://t.co/QLmu8vhbrm
I don't think I owe anyone money because it is bad luck during CNY?
Nab dah balik Melaka. Roommate balik lepas cny. Fatin pun balik lepas cny.