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@WWE @FightOwensFight @IAmJericho I told ya, he's cming, Kevin just made the list. Hell yeah
Really good match from Kevin Owens and Sami. #RAW
RT @WWEBR_Shows: Kevin Owens, vc sabe o que acontece qdo se trai o Chris Jericho? #RAW
RT @financialpost: Kevin Libin: Emails show Rachel Notley’s NDP meddling further in the running of Alberta’s Heritage Fund… https://t.co/OPVl3ePqRC
@arirang_ASC they did you wrong, Kevin
RT @RiverdaleLATAM: 📷| Nuevo still del 1x08 en el que vemos a Kevin, Archie y Jughead trabajando en una obra. ¿Será el nuevo complejo d… https://t.co/BR0OsDpSd8
CHRIS JERICHO: ”¿Sabes lo que pasa cuando traicionas a Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens? ESTÁS EN LA LISTA”. DIOS. 😂👏🔝🔥
RT @_BBCanada: Cassandra- I love that all you fuckers are on slop. Kevin- You have been on for two weeks. Probably like the company #BBCAN5
RT @InnerN3rd: Anyone else want to see Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens go for the tag titles? lol #RAW
How many times do we have to watch Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Enough is enough #RAW @WWE the writing needs to get better
Kevin Owens You Just made the list!! Jericho brings the pain. @IAmJericho @FightOwensFight . #RAWPhilly
JERICHO!!!! Putting Kevin Owens on the list! 📝 https://t.co/PBwKcwaONZ
At last Kevin Owens is on the List of Jericho! Shit is going down at #WrestleMania #Raw
#NowPlaying @RichieDOfficialNP Who Is He - Alaia & Gallo ft. Kevin Haden by GregoryBrenninkmeyer! Listen live here: https://t.co/HawWaa2b3R
RT @WeeklyGaga: Some more amazing lewks from the contestants last night #rupaulsdragrace #season9 #LadyGaga #ShesTheOne @radiodisney https://t.co/Z7BulkzUv2
RT @MARKOUTTV: Finally!! Kevin Owens is on THE LIST #RAW
Kevin Owens just made the list OMG!! #RAW
Yea Kevin owens you just made the list you stupid idiot! Add Samoa Joe too! #TheListOfJericho #TheListOfJennifer #Raw